It’s Exam Time!

Well… for me it is exam time. Litterery my university exams are going on. No time for watching movie, no time for browsing, no time for blogging, no time for playing games even no time for sleeping! What a hell of life!


My exams will be continued upto first week of July. After that its summer vacation! Hope to do well in my exams, may Allah help me.

Hopefully I’ll return to my blog after my exams. I said ‘HOPEFULLY‘ because I am not into my blog as I was in past. Life becomes busy. I am humming just like a busy bee. Sometimes I asked myself – Where is my usual  happy and carefree life?

5 thoughts on “It’s Exam Time!”

      1. Alhamdulillah, sir. Life's good. I'm half way through 4-1, can't believe it myself sometimes. Time's flying by, and I'm the least interested in studies. Take care.

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