A Tensed Week!

At last the sheep counting is over after keeping all of us in terrible tension for whole two months. I’ve already stated that my little sis has been appeared in SSC examination this year. It has been announced by the Education Board that the result will be published on June 26, that means yesterday. The whole last week we all are in tensed for what will be her result. To our relief by the grace of Almighty, she got A+ in all her subjects, which means her GPA is 5 out of 5. Thanks to Allah for her success. It was too much pleasure for us because she did what I couldn’t in my SSC exam.

In my time, my result didn’t meet my expectation, not even in a slighter chance. I was too shocked after the result that I left Chittagong and came to Dhaka for admitting in college, cause I couldn’t bear that result. I always wanted from my sis what I couldn’t. And now she made it. Thank you little sis.

If you’re reading this article please do me a favour. Just go to her blog and congratulate her for her success. I think she deserve this.

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