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Martyred Intellectuals’ Day

The Pakistan military forces and their local collaborators — Razakar, Al-Badr and Al-Shams — abducted leading intellectuals and professionals of Bangladesh on December 14, 1971 during the Liberation War and killed them to cripple the nation intellectually. Academics, litterateurs, physicians, engineers, journalists and other eminent personalities were dragged blindfolded out of their houses and killed brutally at Rayer Bazar and in other killing fields in the city just before the two days of the victory. For the last 37 years after the independence, in this day the whole Bangladesh pays tribute to those Martyred Intellectuals.

My deepest gratitute to those best sons and daughters of the nation. Bangladesh Post Office had published a series of stamps in their memory. Here are those stamps [courtesy to BANGLAR]:

Khandaker Delwar Hossain: Once upon a time…

Khandaker Delwar Hossain is the Secretary General of BNP, one of the leading political party in Bangladesh. This video was recorded while he was giving speech in National Press Club of Bangladesh. First notice that, how he was reacting, it seems that he had itches in his knee or leg that’s why he is scratching his leg. But well… after a while… it was revealed that it was actually not an itch… it seemed… he was loosing his pants (or pajamas)!! 😀

And hard to believe that they are our political leaders!! Enjoy the video 🙂

Internet Propaganda of a Candidate for the Mayor of Dhaka!

This post is not a Mayoral campaign of Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiky for the Mayor Election of Dhaka 2008. This news is published here because I found it as an interesting news and nothing else.

It looks like Bangladesh is entering cyber world for election campaign! Just in Facebook I’ve seen a Bangladeshi named Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiky is campaigning for the Mayor Election of Dhaka 2008. Well… it amazed me much. I’ve never seen any Bangladeshi candidate running propagnda in cyber world for any kind of election before. And I think we got the first one!

His name is Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiky. He has a Facebook account. He has a regular blog. And he has a campaigning page in Facebook also! It seems that Bangladesh is entering in a new era of election campaigning. Whatever I could remember that once I had read the political blog of Sajib Wajed Joy (son of Sheikh Hasina the former PM of Bangladesh) but for some reason it is now not updating anymore. Apart of this I could not recall any personal site or blog of any of our political persons. In that sense Mr. Siddiky did a great job. Also it is not a bad idea to grab the young generations by wandering in the cyber space. To my concern, nobody had done it before. No doubt that he is a learned person but the question is how perfect is he for the Mayor of Dhaka? Well if you visit is Facebook Campaign page, you’ll find some 200 supporters, and whatever I know rest of the people of Dhaka have hardly heard his name!

I am not going to the argument about his winning chances, but… hey… it is indeed a interesting fact, isn’t it?

Story of a Martyred Intellectual of 71’s war

14th December 1971, history remorses for the killings of intellectuals of Bangladesh in this day. When the Pakistani Military realized that they were totally unable to defeat Bangladesh in the Liberation war, they tried to crack the psychological strength of freedom fighters by killing numerous intellectuals of Bangladesh. But off course they failed!! I am here to tell the story of one of such bright sons of Bangladesh, who was happened to my relative.

Nizamuddin Ahmed, younger brother of my grand-father, is a martyred intellectuals who was killed on 14th December 1971, just before two days of the Victory of Liberation War. I never saw him actually, but my grandfather never forgot his brother for a single moment in the rest of his life.

Nizam Uddin Ahmed

Nizamuddin Ahmed was born in Munshiganj in 1929. He was a journalist. He passed B.A (Hons) and M.A in Economics from Dhaka University in 1959. Later he joined Pakistan Press International. He became the editor of PPI in 1969 and was promoted to the rank of general manager.

He was an ardent supporter of the liberation war of Bangladesh. He used to send news items on the atrocities of the Pakistani forces to various foreign news media. He had taken New York Times journalist McBrown to a guerrilla camp to collect authentic news. He provided BBC with authentic news under strict censorship. For this reason he was taken to General Rao Forman Ali’s office on two occasions.

On December 12, 1971, while he was taking his lunch, members of Al-Badr (a branch organization of Razakaar) picked him up from his residence forcefully. At that moment there was none but his mother in the house. That was the last time his mother saw him alive. After the victory of Bangladesh, my grand-father took every possible steps to find out his brother’s body, whether he was dead or alive. But his body was never been found.

We’ve passed 36 victory days but the murderers were went unpunished. Not only Nizamuddin, the Razakaars (now they formed Jamat-e-Islami) killed numerous intellectuals from Bangladesh at 1971. But what our political leaders did with them? Whether it was Awami League or BNP, they just made collaboration with them for the power. And at the present day the Caretaker Government is doing actually nothing to the Jamat-e-Islami for their past misdeed. These beasts are roaming in our country, which costs the blood of 3 million martyrs. Does our politics really think of our country? I don’t know. But one thing is sure that I hate the Razakaars as well as the political parties and the individuals, who have already abandoned their moralities for the wealth and power by supporting the Razakaars.

Can’t we dream of a Bangladesh, which is free from the liberation war opposer? Can’t we do something to make the liberation war’s martyr’s dream true?

Dream of a New Bangladesh!

December… the month of victory of Bangladesh. In 1971, in this month, Bangladesh achieved her independence from today’s Pakistan. After the victory, all Bangladeshi people dreamt of a new era, a new history. this year, 36th December has come to Bangladesh, but did our dream become true? From the point where I stand, I don’t find that Bangladesh for which 3 millions people died in the liberation war of 1971. What we got in the last 36 years?

Last 36 years, Bangladesh was totally under the grasp of the politics. Every Bangladeshi will admit the truth that the main reason of the lack of proper development of this country is the political parties. Here political parties do politics for their own benefits. They don’t think about the people and the country. By the way, they think of people only in the time of election. They introduced student politics to fortify their power. They became richer and richer. Suddenly things became changed. Once who were considered above all laws, now are in jail for their past misdeeds. This happened after the Caretaker Government took the power in this January when the polical parties made the situations of the country worst in the history of Bangladesh. Thanks to the caretaker Goverment for firmly handle the situation.

I know some people don’t like this Caretaker Goverment as they are not the elected one. But just think what have the elected parties done to us? What benefit they brought for us? We always forget the past, that’s the problem. We quickly forgot the incidents of November-December of 2006. I still remembered those days, when I got out of home everyday morning, I didn’t know whether I could get back. Every streets were turned into battle ground between various political parties. Is their war for our betterment? No that’s only for their own good and power. Just see what they have done to our country in the last 36 years. Bangladesh don’t have any heavy industries like automobile industries. Our neighouring country India is now doing offsourcing to other developed countries but we are doing? Now a days the economical condition is seemed to be improved. The only problem is the high price of every thing. I believe the goverment will take necessary steps to control the situation.

Sidr, the most devastating cyclone in the history of Bangladesh has hitted the country in this November. The southern part of the country was massacred. Our pride Shundorbon was wiped out along with it’s heterogeneous species. People faced terrible sufferings. All Bangladeshis, from home or aboard, are helping the affected people with their full abilities. Sorry… not all the Bangladeshis are helping. Our beloved political leaders are not participating in the relief works. But if you recall any of the previous natural calamities, you should also recall their smiling faces while distributing relief among the people at that time on all the television channels. What have changed their mind? Are they saving funds for their upcoming election procedure? Or are they ashamed of what they had done in the last 36 years?

I am not a mind reader. I don’t know what is in their mind. But I can tell what is an ordinary Bangladeshi’s dream is. Like all the fairy tales we just want to say “…and they lived happily ever after!” about us. Can’t we make this line true in our life? Can’t we hope a fresh Bangladesh where there will be no corruption, people will have no complain, every people will be proud of being a part of this country. Can’t we start to rebuild our dream country?