Rejuvenation of my site & the binary day

It’s been a long time that, I am maintaining my sites and blogs. Yes… you are reading correctly, there is a S after the words SITE & BLOG. Which indicates that I do have multiple sites and blogs. Having multiple websites and managing all of them is really a tough task. I was trying to merge them all into one single site so that I can manage all of them smoothly and painlessly!

Well… It seems that now I got that chance! Thanks to Russell John and his company Trance Host for giving me that chance! Now I have my own domain… WWW.QUAIUM.COM ! I put our family site in the top domain (though I have no clue what to do with a family site), and took a sub domain for my site. And then did a tremendous(!) job to merge all of my websites and blogs in to this site. And thanks to Tareq Hasan, who helped to modify the theme for my site.

Now on, I have only one site, and that is ~ WWW.ADNAN.QUAIUM.COM. For the last couples of years, I used to write Bangla blogs under the pen-name “OVRONIIL”. At that time, I also had my own blogs both in English and Bangla (where I use my real name), my personal website (I did not use blog for my personal website, rather I used a free hosting service) and another Bangla blog under the pseudonym “OVRONIIL”. All of those sites and blogs are now merged in to one site. Which is really a great relief for me. That means I do not have to login 3/4 sites to manage and update them all. And which also means that from now on I’ll regularly maintain my blog (i’ll try my best). It seems that, at last, I’ve owned a home… my home!

So, dear reader, if you were a regular follower of my blog(s), now it is time to update your bookmark, replace those old URL(s) of my blogs/sites with this new one! If you were not a regular follower of any of my blogs then it is time to add my blog into your bookmark list!

By the way, did you notice that today is the binary day? October 10, 2010! Which represents 10.10.10! One, zero, one, zero… and so on. Guess what! A perfect day to announce my new BINARY ADDRESS!

Happy Binary day!

A little note: I started my first blog on October 2007, exactly 3 years ago!


9 thoughts on “Rejuvenation of my site & the binary day”

  1. ohhh…!!! my pleasure!!! may be I am the third.

    happy binary day…. avroniil vai SORRY ADNAN VAI.

    wish u to be regular in ur new home.

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