Make the dream true.

By now everybody is aware that Cox’s Bazaar and Shundorbon are holding the first two places in the recent list of Natural 7 Wonders, competing with the world’s famous places for the last one month. All credit goes to the Bangladeshis who are aware of it and making others aware of it. I heard that even personally some people distributing flyers and handbills for this voting purpose. All initiatives are taking personally till now.


What amazed me most that no company or political party in Bangladesh is seems to be aware of it. Because I never heard any political leader or corporate executive told a simple word about this issue. For the past few years, the advertising media of Bangladesh has been developed a lot. And for this improvement mainly the mobile phone operators worked as catalysts. They have broadcasted so many enthusiastic ads featuring Bangladesh both in tele-media and print-media. Where are they now!

I don’t feel that our political leaders are intellectual enough to put emphasis in this issue (as it is not their power related). Personal attempts are making the Natural 7 Wonders voting process vigorous at this moment, it obviously has limitations in wider range. It is not possible to spread the news for casting votes in each n’ every corner of Bangladesh personally. But this can be done by the Tele-media. The corporates can make lucrative propaganda for making the awareness. In past years, they have made really some patriotic ads. Why don’t they do it now?

India composed a full song dedicated to Tajmohol for making it one of the 7 wonders of world. That song was composed by A. R. Rahman, which influence people more to cast vote for Tajmohol. Why can’t we do something like that! Cox’s Bazaar and Shundorbon are our assets and it is our obligation to bring fame for them. Please, various TV channels, newspapers and corporates are earnestly requested to help our country to exhibit her glory. It is our Bangladesh… it is our pride.

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