5th Anniversary of iO2

Sometimes there are some special moments or date which you can’t deny for rest of your life. Because they announce what are you now today for every instance! They are the flag points in your life. They are the beginning of every success in your life. January 12 is such a day in my little life span.

January 12, the most memorable day for every IUTians of 2002 batch. This is the day of beginning of our IUT life. On 2003, January 12 we officially became the part of IUT. That day was Sunday. I can still remember the day as if it were yesterday! The day was too much foggy to see objects in a distance of three hands. I can feel the excitements of starting my university life of that day even now!

We are known as 2002 Batch in IUT as our admission procedures in IUT were completed in the year 2002 just after our HSC exam. We called ourselves as i02 (iutians 2002). While we were the students of IUT, we used to celebrate this day every year. Now time has changed, our life has changed but did our feelings change? I still feel the same attraction for that fairyland where I passed my four years. Life is harsh but sometimes it seems sweet for some moments that we hold as memory.

On this occasion, warm greetings to all i02s. Thanks to all i02 friends for supporting me in my entire IUT life. Without you I couldn’t be what I am now. Long live the friendship of i02s.

… and ofcourse thank you IUT for giving us a wonderful opportunity to live within you. I am proud of you. And I’ll be.

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