Promo of Cox's Bazar for N7W.

Here in Netherlands we don’t have too many Bangladeshi TV channels. Moreover I am not a regular audience of Bangla TV channels when I was in Bangladesh. That’s why it took me weeks to learn about the video for promoting Cox’s Bazar as a new natural seven wonder.

As the official nominee supporter of Cox’s Bazar in New7Wonders, Banglalink promote this video for casting vote for Cox’s Bazar. With the background music and the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar, the video is really marvellous. I don’t know who sang that song and who is the music director or who directed this video, but I admit that they did a wonderful job. After seeing the video, I told myself what a beautiful country we have and I didn’t watch it with that eye!

Enough talking, now enjoy the video; but don’t forget to vote Cox’s Bazar!

6 thoughts on “Promo of Cox's Bazar for N7W.”

  1. im a bangladeshi & live in here.I saw the the beauty of bangla,i saw the beauty of seas,i saw beauty of sea-beach of coxsbazar.What a beatyful this is.If u not see this plz hurry up,Lets come to coxsbazar.We r waiting for u.If u want to come here u may contact with me.Here is my mobile no +8801815523145.

  2. @satyajit das

    Nice to hear the beauty of Cox's Bazar from a native one. But I don't understand why you exposed your phone number? This blog is private but publicly viewable. That means anyone from anywhere can have your phone number. I always intend to keep my reader's comments intact. So in that case I am not modifying your comment. But I suggest you not to share your phone number publicly any more in future.

    If any body wants to use the above phone number provided by satyajit das then do it at your own risk. Blog author(s) will not be responsible for that risk.

  3. This new seven wonder is a complete bullshit. I dont believe it. Just imaging how much of the world's population have heard the word "Website" ?

  4. @anil

    I am not sure why you called it "bullshit"! It gives all of us a chance to uphold our own natural beauty in front of the whole world. Why wouldn't we grab that chance?

    You asked, ''Just imaging how much of the world’s population have heard the word “Website” '? Well… you'll be amazed to hear that in our country Bangladesh, a lot of people learned how to use internet only for voting Cox's Bazar! Isn't it surprising that this seven-wonder-thing introduces people to the internet for the first time!

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