Colours of Life

Did you ever look back to your life? Have ever thought what was your dream about life and what is your life now? Did you ever calculate how your present life has been detoured from a dreamed one? Now-a-days I am an Engineer as well as a Lecturer in AUST; but what were my dreams? Are they fulfilled? Today’s post is packed with those rubbish thoughts.

When I was a child, I felt jealous to any ice cream hawkers. What a life? Having all the ice creams for all time within their van. I made the hard decision. I have to be an Ice cream hawker, so that I could have those mouth watering ice creams with me all the times. But that dream lasted a few years and my new ambition was to be driver of a fire brigade truck (the red truck with the ear tearing siren really allured me!). Like the previous one it also persisted for a while. And my aim in life, like all other boys was to be a pilot at that time. Well it also smoothly diminished with the span of time.

Why I am an engineer, to be precisely an electrical engineer? Well tough question to ask. From the child hood for an unknown reason I always got electric shock from all electric equipments, from radio-television to switches. That is still now an unsolved mystery for me. That time a peculiar hatred grown inside me for the electrical system. Some how I was just desperate to know the actual reason. And for that I discovered that knowledge in Electricity is required. Time passed by, the furious hatred was converted to passion. In school and colleges my favorite subjects were physics and maths (I hate chemistry and biology till now). And in physics my favorite part was the electricity. It some how explain why I became an Electrical Engineer. But why I wanna be an engineer? Perhaps my father (who is an engineer too) was able to spread his shadow in to me.

While I was in IUT as a student me and my two roommates (Dipu and Miftah) had our own life plans. I never thought of being a teacher. My dream was to be a part of the corporate life. Corporate life always allured me. That is a fascinating and glamorous life any one could dream of. Unlike me Miftah hated the corporate jobs. His ultimate ambition was to be a teacher. And Dipu was undecided what to do in life. Well, after graduation I am a Teacher in a leading private university in Bangladesh; Miftah is in Huawei Technology as an engineer and Dipu worked as a lecturer in Stamford University Bangladesh for a semester and later joined in Huawei Technology.

So who knows the future? I am still not know what is in front of me. But I am sure Allah’ll not dishearten me. What am I now is all His plan. I was not halted anywhere in my life by the grace of the Almighty. He kept pushing me.

Life is colorful to me. It is colorful to them who makes it easy Do not afraid of future but wait for more surprises by Him.

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