We Salute You…

Once you’ve brought our freedom, you gave us a country, you made us proud for being a Bangladeshi. Some people opposed you, but you were men of steel who had nothing to loose except this country. Those opposer’s dream never came true because of you. You gave up all for us. You are our hero. You are the freedom fighters of 1971.

Independece day

But what do we do for you? Nothing. We know you did not fought for fame or debauchery life. But you deserved that. You were like the kings at that time. You could demand any thing. But you did not. What did we give you in return? We could not give you the respect you deserved. The opposers of the 71’s war (Raazakaars) are letting to do what they want freely. We let them to carry the Red n’ Green flag of your dream country on their cars. We elected them as our political leader.

Can’t you again raise up your hand shouting “Joy Bangla”? Can’t you lead us to defeat the raazakaars? Can’t we start to build your country of dream where no political clashes will be occurred? Cant’ we just dump our so called political leaders who think of themselves than our country? Ain’t we enough for our Bangladesh? Can’t we make a fresh vow in this Independence Day?

It is never too late.

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