Get-together: After a long span…

I entered home at 10:30pm as I was attended Raihan’s walima [wedding reception] tonight. It is quite unnatural for me to be out of home after at most 9:30 pm. But tonight was special. I’ve met all of my close friends on that occasion which costs me my time. It was quite enjoyable. I’ve almost forgotten when I last met with Sorpo (Sarfaraz), Fuad, Shoeb (Dada), Zubair, Shafayat, Shadid, Maruf (both Chiki and Kana), Sadiq, Zamil (Paachu) and others. Thanx Raihan for inviting all of us. Our after dinner adda was so much enjoyable that it often reminds me the adda of my IUT life. New addition in our get together is our several friend’s wives. As several has ended their bachelor life, they always come anywhere with their wives. Today was no exception either. Parvez and Hasnain brought their wives. Tanvir’s wife could not join us due to illness. As Adnan was not in Dhaka, he and his wife also were not present in the ceremony.


But we missed two of our great entertainers: Dipu and Miftah, who are always considered the nucleus of any adda. Dipu is in Bhutan and Miftah was in office. Never the less, our adda was quite entertaining. I don’t know when we’ll meet probably again, but today we all were returned to our IUT life. We forgot that some of us are faculty in universities or in various top corporates of country. We just talked like the immature students. If anyone listened to our conversation, he would just puzzled whether we are engineers or some stupid teenagers.

Life become monotonous. But some occasion reminds us that there is still those friends with whom once I’ve shared my life and who are always ready to help anytime. This relief some times works as anti-dotes in life. I am just waiting for the next get together, where all of us can again return to our past life, no matter how much time has been passed.

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