First experience of Windows Vista

I’ve just installed Windows Vista Ultimatum in my laptop. I got the copy from Minhaz Bhai. Then I took it just for test, as I’ve never experienced Vista before. When I first installed it, I was so much puzzled about the tools, because it was little bit difficult for me to find out where the necessary tools were as it seemed a bit hazy to me. It has a stunning visual. But I am sure who are using KDE of Linux or UBUNTU, will not be amazed by seeing the visual feature. I’ve been using UBUNTU for the last few years, and I believe that Windows Vista has nothing special or unique features which are not in Linux.


I like the gadgets that appear on the right side of the desktop. Specially the RSS Feed gadget which I think is very useful. Start menu becomes more clumsy as the sub-menus open within the main menu. The main drawback that I’ve noticed is that the driver’s scarcity. My laptop’s blue-tooth functionality couldn’t be installed for some dumb security reason! Every time I wanted to install the device from the original CD provided by DELL with my laptop, it shows the security center message, which in turns terminate the whole installation process.

Windows Vista requires more than 9 GB memory space and minimum 1 GB of RAM. It’s a high requirement. UBUNTU with the same facilities requires only 2 GB memory space with a RAM of 256 MB. I don’t know whether other software will run in Vista or they will also be blocked for so called security systems. But in the first glimpse it could not win my heart which had done by Windows XP. My suggestion is that, if you’re buying new PC’s with Vista installed in it then it is ok, otherwise the unavailability of the drivers will be troublesome. So if you’re using Windows XP, I don’t think you should upgrade your PC only just for Vista.

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  1. Totally correct. Vista pretty much screws up the pc if you're installing it over xp. But the systems with vista built-in works pretty well. My dad's got a new laptop with vista, and it shows no driver problems, but whoever has tried to install vista over an old machine with xp running, have been terribly frustrated with the constant error messages.
    I've tried out vista myself and I think it only surpasses xp in visual effects. But it's not necessary to get vista to get those effects. Most of the eye-candy visual features of vista are available through third party tweaking tools. Similar sidebars, visual themes, cursors, logon screens, themes are all applicable on xp. So I don't see any reason to switch to vista from xp. No wonder vista is termed as one of the biggest disappointments of 2007 by tech experts.

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