Let all of us write a Diary… together!


It is December. It is the month of victory of Bangladesh.

This a request. A request to store the history of our country by us… all Bangladeshis… all of us. This a an attempt to capture the glorious moments of the liberation war of 1971 for us as well as for our next generation by us. For this initiative a blog has been opened. It is not quite ready yet but it will be for sure.

All Bangladeshis are kindly requested to reach this information to other Bangladeshis (especially to those who can contribute this site by their memories, stories, experiences… anything). We are waiting to taste the actual history from the history makers themselves.

We are waiting!

One thought on “Let all of us write a Diary… together!”

  1. Bangladesh is a country not given its due importance in relation to its huge size, there are only 6 other countries on earth with bigger populations and after that every other single country has a smaller population.

    However it is a story of resilience, courage and hope.

    Bangladesh is and will continue to progress, from strength to strength.

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