Swarm of bees flatten teams!

This article was published in The Daily Telegraph. This incident actually took place yesterday in the Kandy test while England and Srilanka were playing. I am excerpting the news from the website of The Daily Telegraph.

A SWARM of bees briefly halted play in the cricket Test between Sri Lanka and when they flew across Asgiriya Stadium, forcing the players to all lie motionless on the ground. The bees were first spotted by Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf, who laid down on the field during the fourth day of the first Test between the countries. The players soon followed, with both teams remaining on the ground for several minutes until the bees moved on. Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara, who has played on the ground since his school days, said angry bees have invaded the field at least twice before.

 All fall down … Sri Lankan batsmen, England fielders and umpires all lie on the ground as swarm of insects stops play during the first Test match at Asgiriya International Stadium, Kandy.

Sri Lanka declared at 442 runs for eight wickets in its second innings to set England a 350-run target with one day left. England was 1-9 when bad light stopped play.

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