Fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro as Bumblebee.

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Bumblebee makes an appearance as one of the Autobots in the 2007 live-action movie Transformers. Instead of a VW Beetle, he is a Chevrolet Camaro in the movie. Due to a battle injury, he is rendered effectively mute, and communicates through use of selected playback of radio and television signals.

Free Image HostingMichael Bay stated in an early interview that Bumblebee stands about 17 feet tall. The official guide to the Transformers video game says he’s 16 feet tall. Bay insisted that Bumblebee be something other than a VW Beetle because it seemed too much like “Herbie the Love Bug” to him.

Producers settled on a 1977 model for first appearance of Bumblebee in the movie. It is painted yellow with black stripes, primer and rust patches, riveted hood scoop, Cragar SS wheels up front, Eric Vaughn Real Wheels in the back, marine-grade vinyl seats, and even an eight-track player. After the first fight with Barricade (Saleen Mustang police car), Bumblebee transform into a Fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. The Fifth-generation model was built using a 2006 Pontiac GTO by Saleen, the body was built from the same GM R&D molds that were used in the prototype 08/09 Camaros. Early photos show that Bumblebee can transform his right arm into an energy cannon, and has missile launchers in his shoulders.

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