Prothom Alo Blog: Another New Bangla Blogging Platform

Well… another Bangla blogging platform has appeared in Bangla Blogosphere. The name of the newborn is ProthomAlo Blog, a sister concern of renowned Bangladeshi daily newspaper Prothom Alo. This blog is developed by Hasin, Mahbub Morshed, Emran Hasan and Omi Azad; there may be others but I am aware of only these four guys. Congrats to them for making this blogging platform.

When I got the news that Prothom Alo has published a blog, I then and then hit the address. But when I went to register myself as a blogger there I got the first shock. I’ve to need an invitation code to join there! And they do not mention how to manage one! I don’t have any friends or family working in Prothom Alo, so I really don’t know how to manage the invitation code. Another thing that confuses me is their TOS. There are too many rules and regulations! Those rules are obviously good and reasonable but their quantity is huge. It would be better if two or more rules can be marched together. This would keep the compact summary of the rules same as the previous but in a less space. By the way, I have send them an email requesting for an invitation code, but didnot get any answers from them till now! Well… if anyone knows how to register in this blog please let me know.

This is the first time in Bangladesh that any newspaper starts its own Blogging platform. Obviously this is a new milestone in both Bangla Blogosphere and history of Bangla newspapers. We can hope that from now general readers can express their statements on any issue from different perspective angles. This will really enhance the information field of Bangladesh vigorously, if the blog admins are remain unbiased. And we hope that they will be unbiased till the end. Otherwise this whole thing will be messed up. Another fact is that, we can now expect that other newspapers will also publish their own blog for interacting with the readers.

It seems that Bangla Blogosphere is enriching day by day. Now a days Bangla Blogosphere has reached in a standard through Somewhere in blog and Sachalayatan. And there are other Bangla blogging platform also. And if the personal/individual Bangla blogs of WordPress and Blogspot is considered then one have to admit that Bangla Blogosphere is really big. With numerous blogs of an ever increasing rate Bangla Blogosphere is expanding day by day. We hope that Prothom Alo Blog will take this Blogosphere to a higher level.

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  • Visit the Prothom Alo Blog HERE.

UPDATE: To get the invitation code registration in Prothom-Alo Blog group in Facebook is necessary. I got mine in this way. If you have any problem then it is better to email Mr. Mahbub Morshed (as only his email is shown in that group).

Please… Help the Sidr victims.

Dear Readers,

All of us all ready knew what Sidr actually have done to our country and our people. Over 2000 people were killed. People who had survived, have lost their families and shelter. They are out of food and cloth. Even they don’t have a piece of cloth for wrapping the dead bodies. Schools and Hospitals were blown away. They don’t have enough medical treatment facilities. How can we call it LIVING. It is not so much different from the DEATH. In the past, whenever Bangladesh faced any natural calamities, our people always extended their hands for the help of the victims. Why can’t we do this once again? Why doesn’t Humanity win once again?

For reaching the Sidr victims, I tried to gather information about ways you can help them. I tried to list them all in this post. If I miss any please don’t hesitate to mention that in the Comment Box.

Chief Adviser’s Relief and Welfare Fund

Any one can donate money to this fund to help the victims. You can also donate relief goods here. For more information please visit the site.

Control Room of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management

If you want to reach the affected areas, you can contact this control room to know which area is deprived from the relief help. For more information visit the site.

International Help Funds

You can also make your donation through the following sites:

National Endeavours

One of the Bangla blogging engine, Somewhere in… blog started a campaign to collect relief funds for the Sidr victims. They named this effort as Jagoron Campaign. This is a sms based help fund. If you send only one SMS from your mobile phone written “save” and send it to 5455 from any Bangladeshi mobile operator then corporate sponsors will add their donation for “save the childen fund relief for Sidr victim people”.

The following process represent the whole process how the Jagoron Campaign works.



Banglalink, one of the mobile operators of Bangladesh, take initiatives to raise funds for the Sidr victims. From any Banglalink mobile phone number, you can send SMS and donate taka ten with every SMS. For this you need to type ‘HELP’ in the messege text and send to 1010. Each time, tk 10/- (vat included) will be cut from the customer’s account and the full money will be donated to the Chief Advisor’s Relief Fund.

Can’t we make a little contribution to any of the above funds? Our little help can make a face enliven. If we don’t help ourselves who’ll be there to help us!