Introducing "BD Bloggerz"

I’ve recently develop a site where all the blogs from Bangladeshi bloggers will be listed. Mainly for last few days I’ve searched the web for a blog directory where all the Bangladeshi blogs but I didnot find any. Actually I found one in 3rd World’s View. I wanted to make a complete directory where any one can find any Bangladeshi blog in a simple and easy way. And here comes BD Bloggerz.

I’ve listed as many blogs as I could, but for listing all the blogs I need the help of all the Bangladeshi bloggers. It is a open request to all – please make post in your blog about this site and please inform others by any means, it may be by email or forum posts.

Bangladeshi Blog Aggregator: β version launched

UPDATE: Now we’ve a new Bangladeshi Blog Aggregator named BDBloggerz. All Bangladeshi bloggers are requested to submit their own blogs there.

For the last few weeks who have read and commented my post about Bangladeshi Blog Aggregator, they will be happy to know that Russell has kept his promise. He has launched the Beta version of the Bangladeshi Blog Aggregator. At last it has done. It is just the beginning. This site needs more polishing and needs an enormous way to go. But it can’t go that long without our support. As a Bangladeshi Blogger it is our duty to make a smooth way for this site. Previously some site has been lunched for the same purpose, but they failed to sustain. We hope that this time it will be a successful project.

By setting up the site, Russell did a tremendous job for all of us. We the Bangladeshi Bloggers at last got our own Blog Aggregator. We hope it will not only be a Blog Aggregator but also be a Bloggers Community for Bangladesh. Therefore I am inviting all the bloggers of Bangladeshi origins to join this aggregator.

As the site is in testing mode I have some suggestions (though I’ve mention some key features in my previous post).

  1. As a blog aggregator I think the site needs a 3 columns theme. As a personal site a 2 column site is more suitable than a blog aggregator. Cause it has to show more thing but in less space. User may not have that much patience to scroll through the whole site. 3 sidebars instead of 3 make this job easier.
  2. In the first page the posts are displayed in full length. A full length post does not fit in a blog aggregator. It would be more decorous if only a few lines (as excerpts) for the post (under the post heading) is displayed.
  3. Any one have any design sense so that we’ll have a gorgeous logo and some blog badges for this newly introduced aggregator? So that we can put on them in our own blogs.

As the days go by, we hope more suggestions will come from the bloggers to develop the site.