How to install ns-3 on Ubuntu

When I first started ns-3 (Network Simulator 3), I was in an ocean of bafflements. It took me several days to install ns-3 on Ubuntu for the first time, although I am an Ubuntu user. There is nothing wrong with Ubuntu, it is user friendly and cool as always. The main problem is the installation process of ns-3, which is, in true sense is not user friendly (at all). From my experience, I understand that it can be overwhelming for people using either ns-3 or Ubuntu or both for the first time. So this is a newbie guide to install and configure ns-3 on Ubuntu for the first time.

Step 1: Prepare the prerequisites

  • First, I assume that you are running Ubuntu 16.04 operating system the latest LTS version of Ubuntu. But the process should work on other Ubuntu distributions as well.
  • Second, I assume that you are using Ubuntu either Natively or using a Virtual Machine (VM) (a VM is strongly recommended if you don’t know what you are doing).
  • Third, I assume that you have a working Internet connection on Ubuntu at the time of installation.

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How to add IEEEtran to the LyX setup in Ubuntu

Since you are here, particularly in this page, I believe that you already know what is LyX. And you must also know that when you install LyX, you get a nice template for IEEEtran. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Because it does not have the IEEEtrans.cls class. Well … this article is aimed at helping you overcome this major headache. Put your aspirin away now! Things are about to get better. Thanks to this link for getting me out of this pain.
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Upgraded to a new theme – Twenty Fifteen

It’s been a long while since I changed/upgraded the theme of this site. It’s been almost four years that I was using the Twenty Eleven theme for my blog. I modified the theme a bit. I was quite happy with that theme. That theme was full of widgets! Yes… there was a time when I loved to display lots of widgets in my sidebars and footers. But the taste began to change (may be I am growing old). The minimal and clean designs started to appeal to me. I was looking for a new theme for the last couple of months. No doubt to say that, WordPress has some real great themes in their repository, but somehow they failed to attract me. And then came the Twenty Fifteen with the upgrade of WordPress 4.1.

“This is exactly what I want” – came to my mind when I first look at Twenty Fifteen. It is a theme that shows my content clean and clear, without any distractions with different colors. The more important thing is, it works across different devices. The three things I loved about this theme are its’ responsive layout,  separate social links and beautiful menu description. Its’ simple, straightforward typography is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes, and suitable for multiple languages.

But I faced a minor problem after installing it. As you can see, I am using Disqus for the commenting system. Twenty Fifteen got a hiccup with Disqus, though it can easily be resolved. Apart from that, I am enjoying a smooth sailing with the new theme. Everything of this theme is so perfect for me, that I didn’t bother to modify the theme.

Ubuntu 14.04 Release Party

We had the Trusty Tahr Release Party today at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), Dhaka. It was the official Ubuntu 14.04 release party of Ubuntu Bangladesh LoCo team in cooperation with “ULAB Computer Programming Club”. This time, we did it within two days of the release of Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr). To arrange the party successfully, we had to arrange several meetings with the members and the volunteers. We got an overwhelming participants responses for this party. More than 150 people confirmed to attend the party via Facebook and other online means. A volunteer team of 20 people helped us tremendously to manage this party. 

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We are for Tahsin and we need you with us too!

Please manage some your time to read the below article. A very little contribution from you can save the little girl in the picture.

Tahsin Zahra (8 years old), the daughter of Imtiaz Anwar Sajal (Nokia Siemens Networks, Islamic University of Technology 2001, Notre Dame College, Dhaka 1996, Jessore Zilla School, Khulna zilla school 1994) is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from last 8 months. Tahsin is currently admitted to TATA memorial hospital, Mumbai, India. She is going through chemo-therapy process now, very tough for an 8 years old little girl, which costing around BDT 20 lakhs in a week or so. She requires Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) immediately. Total of around BDT 3 crore will be needed for this including complex post transplant treatment. Please contribute generously to save this young life.

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Ubuntu 12.04 Release Party

We, had the Precise Pangolin party today at Shroma Palace, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. It was the official Ubuntu 12.04 release party of Ubuntu Bangladesh LoCo team. You must be surprised – why on earth the release party was delayed two weeks! Well … we have some political unrest situations here in Bangladesh, which forced us to arrange the party after two weeks of the actual release date.

We’re almost 10 people there. Well… theoretically there should be more than 50 people, at least our facebook event announcement page showed that kind of figure. But unfortunately there are less than that. In the evening we have some light storm (locally known as the Kalboishakhi) out there, may be that is the reason behind that low scoring crowd.

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Unity in Precise: from the view point of a Lucid user

I am a Lucid Lynx user for exactly the last two years. I am a big fan of LTS releases and that’s why I only use LTS releases. I was waiting for the next LTS release, I did not even remove Lucid for Maverick, Natty and Oneiric. And after two long years, here I am with my new LTS release – Precise Pangolin. This release comes with the new Unity interface of canonical. Probably Unity is the most controversial thing which the Ubuntu community (as well as other Linux communities) got since the birth of Ubuntu. Lots of people hate it as well as lots of them love it. Theres wasn’t a single when people wouldn’t say – “Okay … that’s it, I am moving to Mint (or Arch or SUSE or any other distro)”. I myself thought Unity was not matured enough then, it was like a little baby which needed time to make its first step. After three releases, here we are having a Unity desktop with Precise. What do I think about it? Well … lets’ take a walk then.

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