CSE 4295 : Multimedia Communication

About this course

The objective of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of multimedia systems. This course focuses on topics in multimedia information representation and relevant signal processing aspects, multimedia networking and communications, and multimedia standards especially on the audio, image and video compression. All of these topics are important in multimedia industries. Through this course, students are expected to achieve a basic understanding of multimedia systems. With such background equipment, students would be able to evaluate more advanced or future multimedia systems. This course will also arouse students’ interest in the course and further motivate them towards developing their career in the area of multimedia and internet applications.


Following courses are required to explore this course.

  1. EEE 3107 (Signals and Linear Systems)
  2. EEE 3207 (Communication Theory)
  3. EEE 3217 (Digital Signal Processing I)


  1. Lecture 01
  2. Lecture 02
  3. Lecture 03
  4. Lecture 04
  5. Lecture 05
  6. Lecture 06
  7. Lecture 07
  8. Lecture 08
  9. Lecture 09
  10. Lecture 10
  11. Lecture 11
  12. Lecture 12
  13. Lecture 13
  14. Lecture 14