Let me develop a theory of your visiting this site…

“Some random moves of minimal probability around the internet must have made you knock at the door of my feeble web home.”

Whatever else, even if you don’t want to surf my website, I am pleased that you have at least hit my visitor’s counter. 😀

Right now, as you are in my site, you must be very curious to know who am I (unless I am mistaken). Yeah … really… Who am I? Perhaps this is the only question life really throws at us. In a nutshell, I am a Bangladeshi in all sense. I am an electrical engineer, though Electrical and Electronic Engineering is my primary area of career, this is not the ONLY ONE. Not satisfied? Well… then be my guest to visit my sites and blogs, I bet you’ll know me more and more. More curious? Then just google for maqtanim or adnan quaium and observe the results. Well … all the results are actually referring to me!

Surf this site and find out things about me and a lot more. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. I intend to keep this site simple and easy to browse. Happy surfing!