Use a Widget and Promote Bangladesh!

You should already all know about the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign. And you should know that Cox’s Bazar is in the top 5 natural wonders too. But we have to promote Cox’s Bazar more and more. Previously it was in the first position but now it is in third position. We need more campaign.

The New 7 Wonders association has released a widget to show your support to your favourite place by placing that to your site or blog or any social profile like Hi5, Facebook etc. So why are you waiting for? Just grab a widget for promoting Cox’s Bazar and place that to your site or blog or profile and let the world to have an oppertunity to vote Cox’s Bazar. This widget also shows the live ranks of the selected natural spot. I’ve put this widget in my blogs. And thanks to AJ (cause I’ve seen it first in his blog). Following is a preview of the widget.

[clearspring_widget title=”New7Wonders of Nature” wid=”48607fb99aab19ef” pid=”491761494cdcf952″ width=”165″ height=”324″ domain=””]     [clearspring_widget title=”New7Wonders of Nature” wid=”48607fb99aab19ef” pid=”491e9de199068372″ width=”165″ height=”324″ domain=””]

For installing the widget just press the GET & SHARE button and follow accordingly. Not a complex job! So if you are a Bangladeshi, why are you waiting for! Grab it and show it…

Save the Google Page Creator

It is really a shocking news that Google is going to collapse it’s Google Page Creator (GPC). Instead of GPC they are introducing Google Sites (GS). I’ve noticed it recently. I couldn’t resist my surprise at this news. GPC is a simple way to create web pages without knowing HTML. GPC’s rich text editor is now included in many other Google services, but Google decided to focus on the more powerful GS. Google doesn’t allow new users to sign up for GPC. While current users are still able to use the services of GPC, new users are being directed to its sister site, Google Sites. Google is expected to move all Page Creator content to Google Pages later in the year.

Google Sites is almost similar to GPC. I said ‘almost’ because it doesn’t allow users to upload any HTML file. Which means users have to pick the websites’ look from GS’s default template; users don’t have any privilege to set their own HTML pages. It is a bad news for me, because all of my GPC sites are using their own HTML files not GPC’s default one. Though Google said that they will shift all the files, images and web pages stored in GPC  to Google Sites later this year, this may be a concern for some as it will lead to broken links because GS and GPC follows a different URL structure. More over as GS doesn’t support any uploaded HTML pages, the transition may permanently delete all of those unsupported files. To me, GPC is far far better than GS.

I actually have no idea why Google is closing their one of the most popular web services. Google Sites is nothing more than a wiki. Do the people need a website or a wiki for their personal or business homepage? Google is saying that GS is more powerful than GPC as GS uses the contents management. Well… this is the only thing the GPC is lacking of. Wouldn’t it be better if the feature is added in GPC? Wiki is obviously an important feature in today’s internet, but people will not like it as their home page. So, what if both GPC and GS are staying side by side? I don’t any necessity of closing either one for surviving the other.

Users of GPC is already depressed hearing this news. They still believe that GPC will not be closed at all some how. They have also taken an initiative to save the GPC by a petition. The same debate is going on Google Page Creator Discussion Group. I recommend every GPC user to sign the petition. And above all I still believe that the world really still needs Google Page Creator. So a request to Google, “Can’t you please save the Google Page Creator from it’s termination!

Siratul Mustaqim: A New Islamic Site in Bangla

A new Islamic website is making its’ way in the web world. Title of this site is SIRATUL MUSTAQIM which means “The Straight Path”. This site is intended to inform people about the life style in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The whole site is in Bangla. So that may be a problem for those who don’t know Bangla.


Siratul Mustaqim

One of the developer of this site is my senior in IUT and my present colleague Minhaz Akram. Minhaz bhai worked hard for last couple of months to develop this site. This site has some attractive features like Daily Time Table of Saalat, Electronic Quran, Electronic Hadith etc. This site is still under construction. Many more feature are hoped to add within this month. There is option for the users to ask any islamic question and that question will be answered as soon as possible.

Visit the site and give your feed back there. To visit the site click here. Your constructive comments will help the site to be more resourceful.

Crossing the KILO!

Glitter Text Generator

Today, after a long interval I visited my personal site. And I was astound to find out that my visitors number crossed 1000! It is 1025 actually. It tooks about 8 months for my site to gain such a number of visitors. When I first launched my site, I had never thought that it would fill the 4 digits number of the visitor counter so quickly.

Thanks to all the visitors who’ve visited my website and made suggestions for improving my site time to time. Thanks to all my well-wishers who have signed my website’s guest book wishing me good luck. Also Thank to them who visited my website, in case, just accidentally 😀 . Thanks to all the netizens for visiting my site and for promoting it. 🙂