Day in the Country

Don’t be confused that I am writing a travel experience. This was the title of an essay that my little sis gave me to write for her. One of her friends told her that this essay was suggested by “some” famous school teacher which is immense important for her upcoming SSC exam. She found the essay nowhere then came to me for writing it.

When I began to write I discovered that I’ve almost forgotten the rules for essay writing for SSC level. Whatever I can remember, I wrote my last essay in the HSC exam, that was in 2002. Six years and I didn’t write any essay. Don’t think that I could write magnificent essays at that time. Actually, I didn’t used to memorize the essays like the other students. I just created them in my exam papers! I don’t know how could I do that at that time, but the writings were quite well (again don’t think they were magnificent).

Rural scenario

But at last I managed to write down the essay. Don’t ask me – how? I myself don’t know! But I’ve done it – that is the point. And more of that, my sis liked that! And my satisfaction is that I can still write an essay like my childhood. 😀

Exam Anecdotes

The Fall 2007 semester of AUST came to an end with the last exam today. I am not a student anymore but still the end of the exam is a joy for me. No more early rising for the exam hall, no more invigilating, no more boring time spending. While I was a student, time passed away so quickly in the exam hall that we always wrestled with the limited time. But as an invigilator that limited time becomes endless until the final bell was rung. So for time passing I always try to observe each of the students very carefully. Some times this become fun as they do some peculiar tasks. This post is actually about those peculiar tasks of the students that I’ve observed during the whole Fall 2007 final exam.

Abstract art

I am not depicting any name, department or student identification number of the students, so that they can’t be recognized.

  • One student always used to bring 8 pencils, 5 pens, three erasers, two rulers (scale) and two calculators. He was very much cautious about the backup!
  • Another boy who has a pony-tailed hair, always wrapped his pony-tail with a rubber band when entered the hall and unwrapped it when his exam was over!
  • One boy had a smiling face who was always smiling during the exam, even when he was writing in the exam scripts.
  • A girl was there who did not write even the half of the whole answer scripts but stayed the hall until the last minute!
  • Another boy who always took on an average 10 pages in every exam! Some times it became difficult to staple his main script along with the extra pages.
  • All the students of one of the particular semester of a particular department was completely absent from the exam except for the very last day!
  • Another student was always singing in a whispering voice while writing in the script!

Busy Bee!

I am feeling like a busy bee. Life suddenly becomes busier now a days. It is the end of the Fall 2007 semester in AUST and the preparatory leave for the students to prepare themselves for the upcoming semester final has been started. all the teachers are doing actually nothing in this leave. But my fate is somewhat different! I got the job of planning the class schedule for the next semester (Spring 2008) for EEE department. Planning the class schedule of EEE department of AUST is considered the most cumbersome job. Because of the large body of both students and faculties. Moreover, next semester AUST is going to it’s permanent campus in Tejgaon. And in new building, EEE department is deprived of sufficient number of rooms. Yeah, I used the word DEPRIVE. Because ever since I joined in AUST, I saw that EEE department is not treated as it should be like other departments. New phenomena is Class room shortage in new building. AUST may provide only 8 (or less) rooms for the upcoming semester to EEE department to accommodate approximately 1200 students! I don’t know how I’ll finish the schedule. If the schedule is finished somehow students’ll not get rest between the classes or labs. It’s gonna be a tight schedule for the EEE department in the Spring 2008!


And offcourse thanks to Ahmed bhai who’ve helped me very much in setting question papers for the awaiting exam. Next semester some of our colleagues will leave AUST. Already Assistant professor Rafiul Hossain has left AUST for UIU. He is really one of the fewest people who are expert in VLSI. Two of our lecturers Ms. Sadia Moriam and Mr. Ziaur Rahman will leave AUST at the end of this February. Another lecturer Mrs. Nazia Farha will take leave for the next whole semester. I’ll really miss them.

Farewell to the Fairyland.

This article I wrote immediately after my graduation from IUT. In my little life IUT has a robust impact. It was very difficult for me to leave IUT after graduation. From that hollow feelings I wrote this article. It was first published in ROOTS, the annual publication of IUTAA in 2006. I was almost forgotten about this writing. While rearranging my book shelves I got the first issue of ROOTS which reminded me about this article. I think I should share this article with my readers. That’s why it is in my blog after a so long time. By the way all these pictures of IUT were taken by me… 🙂

Once upon a time, there was a small country with enormous beauty. In that country, there is a fairyland where little fairies from various countries were studied to become a proper perfect fairy…’ this could be the starting of this story, as it looks like a fairy tale to me. But for me this story is going to be finished. It is the end of an era. A chapter of my life is drawing to totally close. I could not believe that I have finished my Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. To be precisely on September 3, 2006 at 12:30 pm, I had appeared my very last exam, marking the end of my undergraduate ‘career’. After finishing the exam, when I stepped out of the exam hall, I felt that the 20 years old buildings of IUT were looking at me with a silent pride. Every step seemed me as though I was turning over the last few pages of the most enriched chapter of my life. Instead of joy suddenly my heart was filled with a tacit mourn. I could not take my lunch; my whole memory was flushed with the last four years. My memory swept me to a day, four years ago, when I entered to the IUT with a smell of a fresher …

Front view of IUT
Front view of IUT

During my 1st year in Notre Dame College, one of my relatives first mentioned me the name of Islamic University of Technology (IUT). He gave me a rough sketch of the enriched faculties, the organized environment for study and of course the beautiful scenery of IUT. But those things did not attract me, which attracted me most is the abbreviated name I-U-T. What a sweet–cute-little name! From then I dreamt to be an IUTIAN.
backward view

Red is everywhere

I first saw IUT in IUT’s official website and the result was a deeper feeling to get in touch of IUT. But the harder fact is IUT is in Gazipur, which means to visit IUT an inter-district travel was necessary. in that time this was really a very tough task for me to go to Gazipur. Also I heard that non-IUTIANS are not allowed to get inside IUT (as it is a diplomatic zone). These matters delayed my first step in IUT. Continue reading Farewell to the Fairyland.

Back to the Busy Life.


I am going to embrace the busy life again. As the classes of Fall 2007 semester in AUST has begun in a full swing, I’ll be again in the classroom in front of a white board delivering lectures. For the last three weeks, AUST was not so much active as the students were in vacation after their semester final exam. Though the classes started from this week; due to the first week of the new semester, AUST did not seem to be alive at all.

This semester I was assigned to co-ordinate a new course, that is, Digital Electronics. My previous course, Programming Language, is assigned to Minhaz Akram (one of my senior from IUT and a lecturer in EEE department AUST). Mr. Ahmedullah Siddiq, Assistant Professor from our EEE department helped me much for this subject. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the subject. As it is a new subject for me, it will keep me quite busy for a pretty long time.

Sometimes I think, what I’m missing in life? Life is becoming very busy day-by-day. Can’t manage time for meeting the old friends. Can’t have a moment break to escape from the monotonous of every day’s life. Can’t get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the nature. But whatever I say, I’ve no choice, this is life, and I’ve to admit it.

Crossing the KILO!

Glitter Text Generator

Today, after a long interval I visited my personal site. And I was astound to find out that my visitors number crossed 1000! It is 1025 actually. It tooks about 8 months for my site to gain such a number of visitors. When I first launched my site, I had never thought that it would fill the 4 digits number of the visitor counter so quickly.

Thanks to all the visitors who’ve visited my website and made suggestions for improving my site time to time. Thanks to all my well-wishers who have signed my website’s guest book wishing me good luck. Also Thank to them who visited my website, in case, just accidentally 😀 . Thanks to all the netizens for visiting my site and for promoting it. 🙂