It’s Exam Time!

Well… for me it is exam time. Litterery my university exams are going on. No time for watching movie, no time for browsing, no time for blogging, no time for playing games even no time for sleeping! What a hell of life!


My exams will be continued upto first week of July. After that its summer vacation! Hope to do well in my exams, may Allah help me.

Hopefully I’ll return to my blog after my exams. I said ‘HOPEFULLY‘ because I am not into my blog as I was in past. Life becomes busy. I am humming just like a busy bee. Sometimes I asked myself – Where is my usual  happy and carefree life?

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to everybody. Well… this time Eid is not that much of fun for me. I am away from my family and friends. I am going to celebrate Eid tomorrow in another country far away from my home in a totally new environment! I am terribly missing my home, my family and my friends. I am missing my Dhaka… I am missing the get together of my friends at Dhanmondi Lake… missing my mom’s Eid dishes… missing the Eid salaat with my papa in Dhanmondi Eidgah… missing my little sister… it seems that I am missing everything! But well… this is the life!

Once again… Eid Mubarak to all of my readers! May you enjoy this Eid with your family.

Live from The Netherlands

I first visited netherlands when I was 5 years old. After 19 years I am in this country again. As I’ve said in earlier post, I was admitted in TU Delft for MSc. And that’s the reason why I am in Netherlands. Yes, I am already in the Netherlands. I flew by British Airways last thursday (August 21) from Bangladesh and now writing this article from The Netherlands! Well… now I am in Europe.

For the first time I made my journey in air. I’ve travelled by roads, rivers and seas, but never been to sky before. That’s why I was so excited about the journey. Luckily I got the seat beside the window. And got a chance to observe the earth from a bird’s eye view. This world really looks nice from the above. All the cities and buildings are seemed like the architectural models that we see in any exibition.

So far I’ve travelled in Holland, it is a nice country. It has a tremendous natural beauty. I am staying in the Hague. And I’ve never seen any city which is occupied by so much trees. The whole country is green. It has a chilly weather and maximam time I found the weather is cloudy. A little bit drizzle is a common phenomena. Another remarkable thing is the cycle. Everybody is riding cycles. There is even a separate path for cycling. And ofcourse for the first time of my life I am seeing all the european brand cars like Ferrari, Porshe, Audi, BMW, Mini Cooper, Citroen, Mercedes Benz and lots of them.

Just day before my depurture from Bangladesh one of my students just mailed me that he has written something about me in his blog and invited me to read that article. Well… that part was really touching. I never thought I would be someone’s favorite teacher. First of all I was a newbie in teaching profession and second of all I don’t have any favorite teacher in my life. Thanks to Asif (who wrote the post) for choosing me as his favorite teacher.

Rainy Day in the Rainy Season

It seems that my appearance in this blog becomes weekly. Actually I am spending very busy days right now. That’s why I seldom get the chance to write in my blog here. I hope within a short time I’ll be regular again.

The heading of this post sounds little bit stupid, isn’t it? A rainy day in the rainy season – what a nonsense! It rains in rainy season – we all know that. Well I didn’t mean that. for the last several years I didn’t find it raining that much which is usual in rainy season. Those years it rained hardly, most of the ays were dry and shiny. So when I found that this year the rainy season appears in its’ actual image, I found it very emotional. It reminds me my childhood days.

I was brought up in a colony life in Chittagong. In the rainy season, the whole colony was submerged if heavy rainfall occurred. Then we at that time spending our time by floating paper boats on the water. Sometimes we used to play football on that water. That was an unforgettable experience, we were kicking the football which was floating on the water and one couldn’t make the actual kick out of the ball. What a life was that. And sometimes we just jiggled in the water for nothing! I missed those days…

And I enjoy this season. One of the main reason for that is I was born in this season, actually the first day of this season in Bangla calendar. That makes the date 1st day of the Bangla month Aashar. 1st of Aashar, my birthday.

A Tensed Week!

At last the sheep counting is over after keeping all of us in terrible tension for whole two months. I’ve already stated that my little sis has been appeared in SSC examination this year. It has been announced by the Education Board that the result will be published on June 26, that means yesterday. The whole last week we all are in tensed for what will be her result. To our relief by the grace of Almighty, she got A+ in all her subjects, which means her GPA is 5 out of 5. Thanks to Allah for her success. It was too much pleasure for us because she did what I couldn’t in my SSC exam.

In my time, my result didn’t meet my expectation, not even in a slighter chance. I was too shocked after the result that I left Chittagong and came to Dhaka for admitting in college, cause I couldn’t bear that result. I always wanted from my sis what I couldn’t. And now she made it. Thank you little sis.

If you’re reading this article please do me a favour. Just go to her blog and congratulate her for her success. I think she deserve this.

Kung Fu Panda with Firefox3

Well it’s not like that Kung Fu Panda was released with Firefox3! It’s my weekend that came with Kung Fu Panda and Firefox3. So the heading should be “My Weekend: Kung Fu Panda with Firefox3”. But… well… I couldn’t resist myself to do that joke! 😀

At last I’ve watched it! Yeap… I am talking about the animation movie Kung Fu Panda. I’ve been waiting for it. And this waiting was over in this weekend. Actually I always waiting for a good quality DVD print. But my little sis could not bear the awaiting any more and she bought it (and of course with my money) though the screen quality of the DVD was poor. The film is surely worth watching. The film is about panda named Po, who dreams to be a kung fu warrior. Only problem is his bulky body which creates the barrier to become a warrior. But things changed when he was accidentally picked up as the Dragon Warrior by the Tortoise Master Oogway (though Oogway continuosly claimed that choosing Po was not any accident). When Po became the Dragon Warrior, it was obvious that he have to face the evil snow leopard warrior Tai Lung, the former student of Master Shifu. Now it’s Pos’ responsibility to defeat him. But one little proble: Po doesn’t khnow the Kung Fu! I was stunned by the opening of this film. It opens with a hand drawn 2D animated sequence which resembles to Samurai Jack. Traditional Dreamworks opening was also changed!

Another surprise for me in this weekend was the Firefox 3. I’ve been a fan of FF for a long time. FF2 was great for using over the IE7. When I was introduced with Opera and Firefox, I barely used IE since then. Though IE7 has some good features which were not included in FF2, I liked FF2 because of it’s ease of use. And now it launches the version 3. First impression after opening the FF3 was just “WOW!”. A cool interface with all buttons in appropriate palces. I’ve not used it so much yet, so can’t discuss all the new features. But one thing amused me, FF3 can zoom the page with text and pictures together.

Well… a pretty good weekend, huh? An worth watching movie and the new upgradation of the best browser in the world.

Book Worm!

I am well known as a book worm, at least I knew that. From childhood to till now I am a great enthusiastic of books. I can read my favorite books again and again. No tiredness at all to read them repeatedly. By the way not all books allure me. Suppose the text books. I am not a text book lover (if you knew my academic background then you wouldn’t hesitate to believe 🙂 ). I love adventurous, thriller and comedy books including comics (from Asterix to X-Men). It was hard to believe that I was going to bed at night without a novel or comics. But now it is reality!

Suddenly I have discovered a new of me. Now a days I am always surrounded by text books like “Continuous and Discrete Signals and Systems” by Soliman-Srinath, “Digital Signal Processing” by Proakis, “Signal Processing and Linear Systems” by Lathi and “Analysis of Linear Systems” by Cheng. So what is the secret of being so much text book lover? Well… this semester in AUST, I’ve made a bold movement. “Linear System” is considered to be one of the most tough course subject in entire under-graduation course work of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. It is not only reason why other teachers are not willing to teach this subject. One of our assistant professor Monjur Morshed (who regularly conducts this course) took this subject to an artistic level. From that point no one is interested to share a subject like this with him. And I’ve chosen this subject to teach the students this semester!  The subject is not tough but it is tough to keep pace with  Monjur Bhai (as he is conducting other two sections of class from total  of four sections) and to hammer out it to students’ thoughts. I don’t know whether my students are studying hard as me. I am always trying to convince them to stick out with the subjects. But you know students are students, they won’t study unless the exam knocks their door. Sometimes my mom wonders seeing my passionate relationship with those textbooks “…whether you’ll seat for exam?”.

I’ve read my last books (of course non-textbook) just a month ago. One of them was a collection of Bangla short stories of Porshuram and the other was “Patriot Game” by Tom Clancy. Woh … I am missing those books terribly. I heard something of Summer Vacation of AUST which’ll probably be started from the next week for a whole week. I am waiting for that vacation … eagerly and anxiously. At least I’ll get touch with my pleasant companions.

Colours of Life

Did you ever look back to your life? Have ever thought what was your dream about life and what is your life now? Did you ever calculate how your present life has been detoured from a dreamed one? Now-a-days I am an Engineer as well as a Lecturer in AUST; but what were my dreams? Are they fulfilled? Today’s post is packed with those rubbish thoughts.

When I was a child, I felt jealous to any ice cream hawkers. What a life? Having all the ice creams for all time within their van. I made the hard decision. I have to be an Ice cream hawker, so that I could have those mouth watering ice creams with me all the times. But that dream lasted a few years and my new ambition was to be driver of a fire brigade truck (the red truck with the ear tearing siren really allured me!). Like the previous one it also persisted for a while. And my aim in life, like all other boys was to be a pilot at that time. Well it also smoothly diminished with the span of time.

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