A Hard Week and A Penguine!

I am writing this post after almost 10 days. A long gap indeed. I was terribly busy with something or you can say nothing! What are those something-nothing stuffs? I’ve just created personal blogs for myself and for my little sister. Another personal blogs? This time the new blog is my Bangla blog, written all through in Bangla. Just take a look at my new blog. I’ve also created another blog for my little sister (she is new in blogosphere). Well, that task was not that much simple. As Blogger gives the opportunity to edit the CSS layout, I took that chance for both of the blogs (though I don’t know CSS that much). I’ve searched the net for appropriate templates. When I finally got them, I found that those templates were not working perfectly and they need some modifications. So be it! I took the templates and modified them according to my own choice. And they have been finished!

An unbearable incident happened within this time too. I got a terrible shock when I found out one of my close person as an impostor. What will be happened to you if you found that your faithful friend was just playing with your faith? The feelings can’t be portrayed. Not only me, he conned other persons of my close circle too! No one have ever been cheated me in such a way in my entire life as he did. Just a shock, a terribly blow for me. To make it worst the incident spread out to almost everyone I know by the grace of internet! Imagine the situation, everyone is contacting me to know whether he is fraud or not. Horrible situation! This incident also causing my delay in writing post to my blog. I pray to Almighty that no one would ever go through this type of situation.

This week I watched a new movie for which I’ve been waiting for months. As in Bangladesh, we have no scope to watch Hollywood’s movies in theater, we used to buy DVDs. But all DVDs don’t have the good quality. So for collecting a better quality of DVD, we sometimes wait for several months after the theatrical release of a movie. I bought the DVD this week. The movie is Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who! Two of my favorite actors are in the leading roles- Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. The movie is worth enjoying. If you are an animation movie lover and did not seen it yet, then I’ve one word for you – “Poor chap”! And I am waiting for other five movies: fourth installment of Indiana Jones, Ironman, Kungfu Panda, Speed Racer and Get Smart.

And here comes the penguin. Actually it has no relation with the above incidents. I got a flash game link from Ishmeet’s blog. And from that I am playing this game whenever I am connected to net. This game is about penguins. I’ve scored 320.3 and this is my best score till now. Here is a screen shot of the score at the end of this post. It becomes an addiction for me. I am trying to get rid of it (I’ve not played it from yesterday to till now).