My Office Posters

Well … I am not talking about my office’s poster, rather these are the poster that I hung earlier in this week on my office room wall. My wall looked very much empty. So empty that I felt somewhat uneasy. Feeling uneasy about a room is not a good thing, specially if the room is your office room, where you spend almost your whole daytime. To diminish the unease and (of course) to beautify my room, I decided to decorate it with some posters.

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Rarikhal Tour: Taste of Bangladesh

I’ve seen the vista of Bangla,

So that I am not questing after the beauty of the world.

Jibonanondo Daas

Have you thought of how much true the above lines are? We all are familiar with these line from our school life as the whole poem of Jibonanondo Daas was in our text book. But I bet we never felt it the same way as Jibonanondo. City life has taken our natural environment. We live in artificial places where green colour only appears in the brick built wall as wall-paint. The green trees are faded in an increasing rate. But the village are still holding the verdurous beauty of Bangladesh. I am here to narrate such a village which still reminds the verdant Bangladesh. Name of this village is Rarikhal, which is situated in the Munshiganj district (widely known as Bikrompur). This is my grandma’s (my mother’s mom) home village.

Grandma’s one of the brother is rebuilding their village home. So when my grandma heard that after the SSC exam my sister has a long vacation, she invited to visit the newly rebuilt house. And this invitation led us to Rarikhal (yesterday), one of the famous village of Bangladesh.

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