Dr. Alam, a Fulbright Scholar is coming to IUT for research

Dr. S Kaisar Alam, a research-staff member of Riverside Research’s Lizzi Center for Biomedical Engineering, has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture and perform research at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) during the 2011-2012 academic year. With this award, Dr. Alam becomes the first Riverside Research employee selected as a Fulbright Scholar. Dr. Alam said:

I am really honored to receive this prestigious award. This will give our group an opportunity to establish collaboration outside of our typical collaborator pool. I’m also glad for the opportunity to give back to the country where I was born and received my high-school education.

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Database for I02

Following is a form to create a database to store all the informations about the students of IUT-02 batch. If you are an IUTian02, then please fill up this form. For the privacy issue, the database is not shared. But if you are an IUTian02 and if you need all the data of your friends from I02, then please contact me with your Gmail ID and I’ll share the info with you. If you want to share this form with other I02s, then simply refer them the following link:


If you face any problem filling this form, or if you have any inquiry or suggestion, then feel free to leave me a comments below. You can also use the Facebook Share button, Twitter button, Buzz Button from the right side of this page or any social bookmarks from the bottom of this page to share or spread this form.

Help us to build a complete database of our batch. Cheers Guys!!


A Request to All IUTians

If you are a Facebook member, you should know that in Facebook there is a scope of creating a network of college or university alumni. If you are an IUTian then you’ll sure want our own network in Facebook too. Imagine your profile in Facebook is showing that you are a member of IUT; isn’t that cool! In that case we all have to work in a body. So what’s our duty? Well it is simple… just send a request to a specific URL and for that you have to have a Facebook account.

Here is the whole procedure:

  1. Sign in your Facebook account.
  2. Go to the following URL (you can also copy and paste the URL to your browsers’ address bar). http://www.facebook.com/help/add_network.php?ntype=college
  3. Type Islamic University of Technology, Dhaka in the Name of college/university text field.
  4. Type your email in the form of xxxx@iut-dhaka.edu where xxxx is your IUTs’ email account. (In case you forget it, then just type your student ID there) Then submit it.
  5. Then please inform other IUTians by emails or blogs or forum or any other media.

The Rain: a glimpse of past

When I am writing this post, there is a heavy rainfall outside my window. The cold soothing breeze is flooded into my room. This is not rainy season in Bangladesh. But rain in this time with rapid gusty winds or to be precisely storm is known as “KAALBOISHAKHI JHOR”. This is considered as the harbinger of Boishakh, the first month of Bangla new year. This stormy weather reminds me something very familiar which was in the past phase of my life.

For the first three years in IUT, my room was in 5th level (4th floor) which is the top most level in IUT. From our front balcony a clear view of surroundings is possible to enjoy as there is no high rise buildings outside IUT. Those storm mostly formed during the evening. When we sensed something stormy is going to formed, we all gathered in our balcony and raise our eyes to the south. We could clearly see the pitch black clouds coming toward us. All of a sudden a gusty wind began to blow and it really blew everything (dust, leaves etc) it got in front. And like a quick rider the pitch black clouds came with heavy rainfall. We were still on the balcony (though we were wet). All the environment become chilled with the rain drops. Sometimes there was ice-segment falling with rain. Have you ever taste it! It’s not have any special taste like sweet or sour, though it was fun. One of my roommates enjoyed to get shower in rain but wearing a raincoat!

Its just marvelous to see a storm forming in front of you! When I thought of those days, I really want to return in IUT. No one can ever tell how much IUT gave me, not even me! Just see the following picture that has been taken just after a heavy downfall. The red roads are sparkling and shinning just like mirrors. This is the front road of our dormitory (South Hall).

South Hall Street (in a rainy day)

5th Anniversary of iO2

Sometimes there are some special moments or date which you can’t deny for rest of your life. Because they announce what are you now today for every instance! They are the flag points in your life. They are the beginning of every success in your life. January 12 is such a day in my little life span.

January 12, the most memorable day for every IUTians of 2002 batch. This is the day of beginning of our IUT life. On 2003, January 12 we officially became the part of IUT. That day was Sunday. I can still remember the day as if it were yesterday! The day was too much foggy to see objects in a distance of three hands. I can feel the excitements of starting my university life of that day even now!

We are known as 2002 Batch in IUT as our admission procedures in IUT were completed in the year 2002 just after our HSC exam. We called ourselves as i02 (iutians 2002). While we were the students of IUT, we used to celebrate this day every year. Now time has changed, our life has changed but did our feelings change? I still feel the same attraction for that fairyland where I passed my four years. Life is harsh but sometimes it seems sweet for some moments that we hold as memory.

On this occasion, warm greetings to all i02s. Thanks to all i02 friends for supporting me in my entire IUT life. Without you I couldn’t be what I am now. Long live the friendship of i02s.

… and ofcourse thank you IUT for giving us a wonderful opportunity to live within you. I am proud of you. And I’ll be.

Farewell to the Fairyland.

This article I wrote immediately after my graduation from IUT. In my little life IUT has a robust impact. It was very difficult for me to leave IUT after graduation. From that hollow feelings I wrote this article. It was first published in ROOTS, the annual publication of IUTAA in 2006. I was almost forgotten about this writing. While rearranging my book shelves I got the first issue of ROOTS which reminded me about this article. I think I should share this article with my readers. That’s why it is in my blog after a so long time. By the way all these pictures of IUT were taken by me… 🙂

Once upon a time, there was a small country with enormous beauty. In that country, there is a fairyland where little fairies from various countries were studied to become a proper perfect fairy…’ this could be the starting of this story, as it looks like a fairy tale to me. But for me this story is going to be finished. It is the end of an era. A chapter of my life is drawing to totally close. I could not believe that I have finished my Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree. To be precisely on September 3, 2006 at 12:30 pm, I had appeared my very last exam, marking the end of my undergraduate ‘career’. After finishing the exam, when I stepped out of the exam hall, I felt that the 20 years old buildings of IUT were looking at me with a silent pride. Every step seemed me as though I was turning over the last few pages of the most enriched chapter of my life. Instead of joy suddenly my heart was filled with a tacit mourn. I could not take my lunch; my whole memory was flushed with the last four years. My memory swept me to a day, four years ago, when I entered to the IUT with a smell of a fresher …

Front view of IUT
Front view of IUT

During my 1st year in Notre Dame College, one of my relatives first mentioned me the name of Islamic University of Technology (IUT). He gave me a rough sketch of the enriched faculties, the organized environment for study and of course the beautiful scenery of IUT. But those things did not attract me, which attracted me most is the abbreviated name I-U-T. What a sweet–cute-little name! From then I dreamt to be an IUTIAN.
backward view

Red is everywhere

I first saw IUT in IUT’s official website and the result was a deeper feeling to get in touch of IUT. But the harder fact is IUT is in Gazipur, which means to visit IUT an inter-district travel was necessary. in that time this was really a very tough task for me to go to Gazipur. Also I heard that non-IUTIANS are not allowed to get inside IUT (as it is a diplomatic zone). These matters delayed my first step in IUT. Continue reading Farewell to the Fairyland.