GIF Wars: The Power of GIFs

It seems that, Facebook is no longer the ‘only’ star of the online social network, it got company! Guess who is the competitor? Not a very tough question actually, the answer is Google’s new product Google+. Although Google hasn’t shared Google+’s user counts, but it is estimated that the total user count already surpasses 10 millions! It seems that, after the failure of Orkut, Wave and Buzz, Google has finally arrived in the social arena with the proper weapon.

The competition between Google+ and Facebook has become the important topic for debate now a days. Although nobody is killing anybody yet, but there will be some bloody blows exchanged in near future. To make it more lively and pictorial, Google+ users (or may be Google itself – who knows!) has already flaming the war by releasing a series of funny but attacking GIF images. Those images are floating around on the Internet (read Google+) on daily basis. This “GIF War” is may be a tomfoolery, but after seeing the images, I had to admit that those are really humorous as well as brilliant. Going on a war and at the same time advertising the Google+ – it is indeed a great idea.

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Google+ : The new Social Network

Well… it seems that right now Google+ is the hottest web address on the planet! Those who have it can’t stop using, those who haven’t are eagerly waiting for an invitation. Yeah … you read it right! You need an invitation to use it, just like the early days of Gmail.

Google asked a few number of people to use the Google+, the new social network from Google. On June 29, Google enabled an invitation option for them so that they can invite other people to join the Google+ network. But the invitation process went like a hell. It became so frenzy that Google disabled the option just after a few hours of enabling it. Vic Gundotra, a senior vice president at Google mentioned the invitation as – “Insane demand”. So he said that, “We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way”.

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