Block Annoying Facebook Quizzes


At last I’ve gotten rid of Facebook quizzes from my Facebook home page!

I liked the Facebook and I still am. But it is getting ridiculous day by day with the increaments of quizzes. Yes I am talking about the Facebook quizzes. At first those were fun but now a days I am sick of them. Instead of  seeing what my friends are doing, I’ve to see what types of quizzes are they taken. My home page is flooded with quizzes. It was getting out of control until I got the right solution today, thanks to Maroof for pointing out the solution.

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A Guide to Unicode Bangla for Different Browsers

This article represents a quick-starter-guide for unicode Bangla environment in your browsers if you are using Windows. No matter which browser you use, just follow the separate instructions for separate browsers. This post covers mainly three major browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

For viewing Bangla fonts in different browsers click the following links:

For writing Bangla click the following link:

Bangla Unicode Fonts in Google Chrome

First of all check that whether you can read Bangla Fonts with your Google Chrome. Just try to read the following boxed sentenced.

সুখ নাইরে পাগল… কী আছে দুনিয়ায়!

If you can’t read then you surely need to carry out the following instruction guide. By the way this guide is for “Windows XP Service Pack 2”. So make sure you are using that. I’ve not tried whether it works in SP1 or Vista. But as the release dates of Windows XP and Windows 2003 is almost same, it should work in Windows 2003 server. And for Vista it should work automatically.

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Google Chrome

Today I got the link of Google Chrome in the Google Search Engine page. It looks like Google is entering to the world of web browser. Curiously I installed it. But well I don’t see any thing specially useful for the user in Chrome. It is working with same principal as the Fireforx. The only difference is it has a startup page where most recently viewed web sites are displayed in thumbnail (actually quite larger than thumbnail) view. And ofcourse it has a very simple look like the other Google services. It can’t handle the Bangla Fonts smoothly unlike Firefox. But yet Google said that it is just the beginning and it has a long path to go to be a perfect web browser. As it is Beta so the time has not come yet to discuss about it. Let’s see what will be the Chrome looks like in future!

You can view the official news about Google Chrome from the Official Google Blog.