It’s Exam Time!

Well… for me it is exam time. Litterery my university exams are going on. No time for watching movie, no time for browsing, no time for blogging, no time for playing games even no time for sleeping! What a hell of life!


My exams will be continued upto first week of July. After that its summer vacation! Hope to do well in my exams, may Allah help me.

Hopefully I’ll return to my blog after my exams. I said ‘HOPEFULLY‘ because I am not into my blog as I was in past. Life becomes busy. I am humming just like a busy bee. Sometimes I asked myself – Where is my usual  happy and carefree life?


That was March 2, 2000. I went for my SSC exam, for the first time (and last time ever 🙂 ). That was a big step for me in my life. I was appeared in some kind of real exam which would left its’ ever lasting effect in my whole life. Actually that was not my first time public exam, as I had appeared in government scholarship exams, both primary and junior program. I was used to sit for public exams. But those were not as vast as SSC exam. Just imagine millions of students are attending the same exam in same day through out whole Bangladesh! That’s a tremendous feeling!


In our family there is tradition of giving gifts as well as blessings to the SSC candidate from the elders. Last week before the exam, our house was almost remained packed with the guests who came to visit me. And my duty was to ask them to pray for me for the upcoming exam. Some close relatives came along with sweets and cakes (pithaa). I got a huge amount of gifts, to which I didn’t get much time to pay attention (’cause exam was knocking at door). My all senses were collapsed by the exam. What a cherished memory that was!

Those days were again came back to my memory now a days because of my little sister. My sis is going to appear SSC exam this year, to be precisely on March 27. Exactly one week is remaining. And like my days, well wishers and relatives are begun to swarm our home to visit her. My sis is already in little bit panic about the exam. She is a good student but always is in tense during any kind of exam. Now she is completing her last-moment preparations.

Please pray to the Almighty for her colossal success in the upcoming SSC exam. May Allah help her in this regard.

Exam Anecdotes

The Fall 2007 semester of AUST came to an end with the last exam today. I am not a student anymore but still the end of the exam is a joy for me. No more early rising for the exam hall, no more invigilating, no more boring time spending. While I was a student, time passed away so quickly in the exam hall that we always wrestled with the limited time. But as an invigilator that limited time becomes endless until the final bell was rung. So for time passing I always try to observe each of the students very carefully. Some times this become fun as they do some peculiar tasks. This post is actually about those peculiar tasks of the students that I’ve observed during the whole Fall 2007 final exam.

Abstract art

I am not depicting any name, department or student identification number of the students, so that they can’t be recognized.

  • One student always used to bring 8 pencils, 5 pens, three erasers, two rulers (scale) and two calculators. He was very much cautious about the backup!
  • Another boy who has a pony-tailed hair, always wrapped his pony-tail with a rubber band when entered the hall and unwrapped it when his exam was over!
  • One boy had a smiling face who was always smiling during the exam, even when he was writing in the exam scripts.
  • A girl was there who did not write even the half of the whole answer scripts but stayed the hall until the last minute!
  • Another boy who always took on an average 10 pages in every exam! Some times it became difficult to staple his main script along with the extra pages.
  • All the students of one of the particular semester of a particular department was completely absent from the exam except for the very last day!
  • Another student was always singing in a whispering voice while writing in the script!

These are called Exam Papers!

This post contains some funniest exam scripts that I’ve collected from the internet. It’s hard to believe that some students really have the nerve to write funny answer in answer scripts. Whatever the scripts are really enjoyable. I think the teachers were also enjoyed those scripts. Because I know how cumbersome job is to check the answer scripts and distribute marks for the answers. And this types of answer scripts is really a relief for a teacher… but what a pity, the relief maker students have no way to get marks for such a good (!) job.

Now enjoy the scripts by clicking the following “Read the rest of this entry »” link. To see the full view, please click the thumbnails of each pictures. Enjoy 😀

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