Book Worm!

I am well known as a book worm, at least I knew that. From childhood to till now I am a great enthusiastic of books. I can read my favorite books again and again. No tiredness at all to read them repeatedly. By the way not all books allure me. Suppose the text books. I am not a text book lover (if you knew my academic background then you wouldn’t hesitate to believe 🙂 ). I love adventurous, thriller and comedy books including comics (from Asterix to X-Men). It was hard to believe that I was going to bed at night without a novel or comics. But now it is reality!

Suddenly I have discovered a new of me. Now a days I am always surrounded by text books like “Continuous and Discrete Signals and Systems” by Soliman-Srinath, “Digital Signal Processing” by Proakis, “Signal Processing and Linear Systems” by Lathi and “Analysis of Linear Systems” by Cheng. So what is the secret of being so much text book lover? Well… this semester in AUST, I’ve made a bold movement. “Linear System” is considered to be one of the most tough course subject in entire under-graduation course work of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. It is not only reason why other teachers are not willing to teach this subject. One of our assistant professor Monjur Morshed (who regularly conducts this course) took this subject to an artistic level. From that point no one is interested to share a subject like this with him. And I’ve chosen this subject to teach the students this semester!  The subject is not tough but it is tough to keep pace with  Monjur Bhai (as he is conducting other two sections of class from total  of four sections) and to hammer out it to students’ thoughts. I don’t know whether my students are studying hard as me. I am always trying to convince them to stick out with the subjects. But you know students are students, they won’t study unless the exam knocks their door. Sometimes my mom wonders seeing my passionate relationship with those textbooks “…whether you’ll seat for exam?”.

I’ve read my last books (of course non-textbook) just a month ago. One of them was a collection of Bangla short stories of Porshuram and the other was “Patriot Game” by Tom Clancy. Woh … I am missing those books terribly. I heard something of Summer Vacation of AUST which’ll probably be started from the next week for a whole week. I am waiting for that vacation … eagerly and anxiously. At least I’ll get touch with my pleasant companions.

My new office room.

In the new campus of AUST I’ve gotten my new office room. As a faculty member of Dept. of EEE it was assumed that unlike the previous campus, we’ll got our rooms. As due to lack of facilities, previous campus was unable to provide most of us a room (even a chair and table). We were glad that those terrible experiences are not returned in this new campus. Actually I didn’t get a whole room rather an one third of a room. I’ve to share my room with two other faculty members (Shariful Islam and Biplob Kumar Das), but whatever it is, I’ve gotten my own table and chair! 😛

I know it is childish, but can’t wait to share the fresh pics of my new office room with my readers. The room is literally neat and clean, as we have not decorated it yet! So here goes the couple of first day first show snapshots 😀

First Day First Show

Now, AUST has moved to its’ permanent new campus. Today was the opening of that campus. Students were all in a festive mode as they became a part of a history. It was just awesome! But there is some scarcity of facilities. In EEE department, faculty room has not been decorated at all! As I said earlier, laboratories are still incompleted. And we are lack of one lab, that is Simulation Lab. It surprised me when I found out that faculty spaces for all other departments has allready been decorated except EEE department. Ever since I joined in AUST, I found that EEE department is always been suppressed by the authority, though it is the largest department of the university with the large number of Faculties as well as students. But the authority does not take care of this department at all though a majority fund is come from EEE departemnt.

However, it is all our desire that this movement to a permanent campus will help AUST to increase its’ reputation in Bangladesh and aboard.

Following is a picture, where VC is giving speech today at 10:30 am as a part of the opening ceremony of the new campus. Sorry for the poor quality [as I took this one by my mobile phone].

AUST new campus

Welcome to AUSTronics

I’ve been thinking for developing such a online platform where all the AUST students as well as teachers can share their technical thoughts and knowledge with the rest of the technical world. To give this idea a sense, some of my students came forward. It was really a boiling job. To make the site more lucrative and significant, we’ve decided to collect teachers articles first. By this time we make the decision where to open the site. As we need free hosting without any advertisements, we choose WORDPRESS and BLOGSPOT. WordPress does not give privilege to edit any java scripts or DHTML, which made us to confine our idea within Blogspot.

We’ve made it at last! The AUSTronics is open for all now. Surely the credits goes to my students Arif, Kanto, Razie, Shorif, Tahseen and Asif. Asif develop the site almost alone. He added a nice menu bar at the top just below the title banner. Title banner was designed by Shorif. Today when I was leaving AUST, I found Tahseen circulating the lunching news of AUSTronics by placing flyers in the notice boards.

Dear readers, who’re reading this article, please visit the site of AUSTronics. We don’t expect you to be a technical expertise but we can expect at least you can inform others about the site. By the way to participate in the AUSTronics, you don’t need to be a technical person. Your article is techno-oriented — that’s enough for us!

5th Anniversary of iO2

Sometimes there are some special moments or date which you can’t deny for rest of your life. Because they announce what are you now today for every instance! They are the flag points in your life. They are the beginning of every success in your life. January 12 is such a day in my little life span.

January 12, the most memorable day for every IUTians of 2002 batch. This is the day of beginning of our IUT life. On 2003, January 12 we officially became the part of IUT. That day was Sunday. I can still remember the day as if it were yesterday! The day was too much foggy to see objects in a distance of three hands. I can feel the excitements of starting my university life of that day even now!

We are known as 2002 Batch in IUT as our admission procedures in IUT were completed in the year 2002 just after our HSC exam. We called ourselves as i02 (iutians 2002). While we were the students of IUT, we used to celebrate this day every year. Now time has changed, our life has changed but did our feelings change? I still feel the same attraction for that fairyland where I passed my four years. Life is harsh but sometimes it seems sweet for some moments that we hold as memory.

On this occasion, warm greetings to all i02s. Thanks to all i02 friends for supporting me in my entire IUT life. Without you I couldn’t be what I am now. Long live the friendship of i02s.

… and ofcourse thank you IUT for giving us a wonderful opportunity to live within you. I am proud of you. And I’ll be.