Funny pics from Doyel

I received an email from Doyel containing two pictures which states “what would be the effect if USA lost the Iraq-war“. And I am sharing them with my readers. It seems that my blog is gonna be transformed in to an Anti-Bush campaign! 😀 Doyel was my colleague in AUST, who is now working in RanksTel. Hope you like the pictures. Click the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

if_usa_lose_to_iraq[1] if_usa_lose_to_iraq[2]

Flowchart of G. W. Bush!

For those who doesn’t know what a flow chart is – “it is a graphic representation of the stages in a process or system or the steps required to solve a problem“. This object is apparently used in programming language to explain the problem solving logic. The following flow chart depicts the problem solving flow chart for George W. Bush. Enjoy! 😀