My Office Posters

Well … I am not talking about my office’s poster, rather these are the poster that I hung earlier in this week on my office room wall. My wall looked very much empty. So empty that I felt somewhat uneasy. Feeling uneasy about a room is not a good thing, specially if the room is your office room, where you spend almost your whole daytime. To diminish the unease and (of course) to beautify my room, I decided to decorate it with some posters.

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Highlights of the Opening Ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

Here is the highlights of the opening ceremony of ICC cricket World Cup 2011, that was held yesterday at Bongobondhu Stadium, Dhaka. I myself missed the live broadcast, so I’d to depend on the online videos of the ceremony.

Overall the whole ceremony was a tremendous success. I really could not remember when was the last time World Cup Cricket got such an warm welcome! The fascinating performances of the various artists from the different countries, the spectacular entrance of 14 captains riding rickshaws, the laser-cricket-play – all are marvelous. Well… to be frankly… the speeches from the political leaders seemed bit irritating to me, but that is the most negligible part… actually nothing comparing to the main events of the ceremony!

The crowd reserved its biggest cheer for Sakib Al Hasan's arrival © AFP

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Beautiful Bangladesh – the School of Life

It is the most spectacular and fascinating short-video on Bangladesh I’ve ever seen. Within almost 3 minutes it covers almost the whole Bangladesh! It’s amazing. After watching the video (over and over) I realized (again) how beautiful my country is! Thanks to Gazi Shuvro for creating such a stunning video on Bangladesh. This video is actually created for Tourism Board of Bangladesh to promote tourism in Bangladesh. Enjoy the video.

To watch the HQ version of this video please CLICK HERE.

School of Spirit…
School of Bravery…
School of Talent…
School of Playfulness…
School of Celebration…
School of Happiness…
School of Hope…
School of Mysticism…
School of Freedom…
School of Adventure…
School of Togetherness…
School of Art…
Welcome to the School of Life… Admission going on!

Manna Facts!

Did you know “the Manna”? The one and only Super-actor in Bangladeshi film industry? How well do you know him? I bet you knew nothing about him. Here are some facts about Manna. If you have spare time then buckle up your seatbelt, because those facts will give you a really bumpy ride!


  • Some magicians can walk on water, Manna could swim through the land.
  • Manna could speak Chinese… in Bangla.
  • Manna could light a fire by rubbing two ice-cubes together.
  • Some people wear Superman’s costume. Superman wears Manna’s lungi.
  • Once the dinosaurs made Manna mad and then they are no where to find.
  • Manna could made orange juice from lemons.
  • Manna never needs a flash light, he just stares into the darkness and it moves out of the way.
  • Manna never paid attention, attention always paid him.
  • Manna knew the last digit of Pi.
  • What does Superman, Batman, and Ironman have in common? When they were kids they all wanted to be Manna.
  • Big Bang was caused for Manna, because everything was trying to get away from Manna. Which also explains why the universe is expanding.
  • Manna proved Newton wrong all the time. Every time he performed an action, he simply eliminated anything and everything that could provide the reaction.
  • Once a cobra bit Manna’ leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way. Where there is Manna, there is no other way.
  • To be or not to be? That is the question. The answer? Manna.
  • Manna could answer a missed call.
  • Manna used to collect honey for the breakfast from his private moon, which is called ‘Honey Moon’.
  • Time and tide always waited for Manna.
  • Words like awesomeness, brilliance, legendary etc. were added to the dictionary in the year 1964. That was the year Manna was born.
  • Manna killed the Dead Sea with his bare hands.
  • When Manna did the push-ups, he didn’t lift himself up, rather he pushed the earth down.
  • There is no such thing as evolution, it’s just a list of creatures that Manna allowed to live.
  • Manna gave Mona Lisa that smile.
  • Manna could divide by zero.
  • Manna could judge a book by it’s cover.
  • Manna once got into a fight with a VCR player. Now it plays DVDs.
  • Manna could slam a revolving door.
  • Manna once kicked a horse in the chin. Today, its’ descendants are known as Giraffes.
  • Manna once ordered a plate of Kacchi Biriani in KFC, and he was served that.
  • The Bermuda Triangle used to be the Bermuda Square, until Manna kicked one of the corners off.
  • Manna could build a snowman out of rain.
  • Manna could strangle you with a cordless phone.
  • Manna could make onions cry.
  • Manna destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognized the element of surprise.
  • Manna could watch any live 60 minutes show in 20 minutes.
  • Manna has counted to infinity; not once, not twice but thrice!
  • Manna actually build the Rome in a day.
  • Manna once got into a knife-fight. The knife lost.
  • Manna could play the violin with a piano.
  • Manna never wet his bed as a child. The bed wet itself in fear.
  • The only man who ever outsmarted Manna was Stephen Hawking, and he got what he deserved.
  • Manna didn’t breathe at all. Air hides in his lungs for protection.
  • There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Manna lived in Dhaka.
  • Manna didn’t own a stove, oven, or microwave; because revenge is a dish best served cold.
  • Manna had already been to Mars an Moon, that’s why those places does not have any signs of life there.
  • Manna didn’t move at the speed of light. Light moves at the speed of Manna.
  • Water boiled faster when Manna stared at it.
  • Manna could killed two stones with one bird.
  • Manna gave the Joker those scars.
  • Manna used to leave messages before the beep.
  • Manna once warned a young girl to “be good or else…”. The result? Mother Teresa.
  • Manna went to court and sentenced the judge.
  • Manna could handle the truth.
  • Manna could speak Braille.
  • Manna could dodge Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kicks.
  • Manna taught Rajnikanth those stylish moves.
  • Manna could teach an old dog new tricks.
  • Manna called Lord Voldemort by his name.
  • Who do you think taught Voldemort parseltongue? Manna did.
  • Manna got small pox when he was a kid. As a result small pox is now eradicated.
  • Manna’s calendar used to go straight from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fooled Manna.
  • Manna used to grind his coffee with his teeth and boil the water with his own rage.
  • The last time Manna killed someone, he slapped himself to do it. The other guy just disintegrated. Resonance.
  • Manna once had a heart attack. His heart lost.
  • Manna was so fast, he could run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.
  • Manna could lick his elbows.
  • Manna once ate an entire bottle of sleeping pills. They made him blink.
  • Manna never got frostbite. He used to bite frost.
  • Manna never wore a watch. He always used to decide what time it was.
  • Manna got his drivers license at the age of 16 seconds.
  • When you say ‘no one is perfect’, Manna used to take that as a personal insult.
  • In an average living room there are 1,242 objects Manna could use to kill you, including the room itself.
  • Manna could give pain to Painkillers and headache to Paracetamol.
  • Manna sneezed only once in his entire life, that’s when the tsunami occurred in the Indian ocean.
  • As a child when Manna had dyslexia, he simply re-scripted the alphabet.
  • Manna could answer a missed call.
  • Manna needed no visa to travel abroad, he just jumped from the tallest building of Dhaka and held himself in the air while the earth rotated.
  • Manna’s brain works faster than Chacha Chaudhury’s.
  • The quickest way to a man’s heart was with Manna’s fist.
  • Manna’s every step created a mini whirlwind. Hurricane Katrina was the result of a morning jog.
  • Manna never bowled strikes, he just knocked down one pin and the other nine fainted out of fear.
  • Archaeologists unearthed an old English dictionary dating back to the year 1236. It defined “victim” as “one who has encountered Manna”.
  • There is no such thing as global warming. Manna was feeling cold, so brought the sun closer to heat the earth up.
  • Manna was a champion in the game “Hide n’ seek”, because no one could hide from Manna.
  • Aliens do indeed exist. They just avoided the earth to avoid Manna.
  • Manna did not style his hair. It laid perfectly in place out of sheer terror.
  • When Manna played Monopoly, it affected the actual world economy.
  • Manna is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis.

Thanks to Chuck Norris.

Success of a Bangladeshi Scientist

A year after opening Coppin State University’s first nano technology research center, a Bangladeshi scientist and his research team are making history for simulating the most efficient solar energy cells in the world. Dr. Jamal Uddin, a Bangladeshi scientist, who is also a professor at Coppin State University, have modeled nearly four percent more efficient solar cells than Spectrolab, with his five undergraduate student researchers. Before his innovation, Spectrolab held the title for most cells simulated since 2006.

Dr. Jamal Uddin, Coppin State University

Coppin’s research includes creating cells that act as rechargeable batteries for night vision goggles used by soldiers at war. As of today, Coppin’s group has simulated 43.4 percent of solar cells for reusable energy. Dr. Uddin mentioned that his team utilized the metaphysics software COMSOL and the online software program PC1D to break the world record. He also said,

It is really fantastic and encouraging for our university to achieve such exciting results. It was a surprising discovery and now we are excited to proceed with further research in nanotechnology

Dr. Jamal Uddin and five additional student researchers will continue nanotech simulation with the hope of manipulating 50 percent of solar cells by December 2010. The university’s one-year-old Nanotechnology Research Center is a product of the $89,000 Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) grant the school received July 2009. On Tuesday, October 26, 2010, the Coppin research team will present their findings to renowned nanotech scientists, scholars and visitors in the army research lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Dr. Jamal Uddin completed his M.Sc. in Chemistry from Dhaka University, Bangladesh and achieved his Ph.D from Osaka University, Japan.

The above information is taken from the press release of Coppin State University.
Official website of Dr. Jamal Uddin.

Yeah… a clean sweep over the Kiwis!

And they did it! The Tigers did it. They completed a clean sweep over the Kiwis! They seal the deal with a 4-0 score and won the final day final one-day international! Hats off to you the Tigers!!

The Tigers! The Winners!! (Photo: The Guardian)

Rubel Hossain grabbed four wickets as Bangladesh completed a sweep with a thrilling three-run victory over New Zealand in the fifth and final one-day international on Sunday. The fast bowler finished with 4-25 off 9.3 sharp overs as New Zealand, chasing a 175-run target, were bowled out for 171 in the last over. Bravo Rubel! Bravo!

This is the first sweep ever for Bangladesh against any giant team. Bangladesh also secures the 8th place in the ICC rankings table along side the West Indies, achieving a total rating of 67. And we hope that, this is just the beginning… beginning of a new era of Bangladesh cricket team!!

Go ahead Tigers! Roar aloud! Show the world your new identity – the identity of a winner!