Prothom Alo Blog: Another New Bangla Blogging Platform

Well… another Bangla blogging platform has appeared in Bangla Blogosphere. The name of the newborn is ProthomAlo Blog, a sister concern of renowned Bangladeshi daily newspaper Prothom Alo. This blog is developed by Hasin, Mahbub Morshed, Emran Hasan and Omi Azad; there may be others but I am aware of only these four guys. Congrats to them for making this blogging platform.

When I got the news that Prothom Alo has published a blog, I then and then hit the address. But when I went to register myself as a blogger there I got the first shock. I’ve to need an invitation code to join there! And they do not mention how to manage one! I don’t have any friends or family working in Prothom Alo, so I really don’t know how to manage the invitation code. Another thing that confuses me is their TOS. There are too many rules and regulations! Those rules are obviously good and reasonable but their quantity is huge. It would be better if two or more rules can be marched together. This would keep the compact summary of the rules same as the previous but in a less space. By the way, I have send them an email requesting for an invitation code, but didnot get any answers from them till now! Well… if anyone knows how to register in this blog please let me know.

This is the first time in Bangladesh that any newspaper starts its own Blogging platform. Obviously this is a new milestone in both Bangla Blogosphere and history of Bangla newspapers. We can hope that from now general readers can express their statements on any issue from different perspective angles. This will really enhance the information field of Bangladesh vigorously, if the blog admins are remain unbiased. And we hope that they will be unbiased till the end. Otherwise this whole thing will be messed up. Another fact is that, we can now expect that other newspapers will also publish their own blog for interacting with the readers.

It seems that Bangla Blogosphere is enriching day by day. Now a days Bangla Blogosphere has reached in a standard through Somewhere in blog and Sachalayatan. And there are other Bangla blogging platform also. And if the personal/individual Bangla blogs of WordPress and Blogspot is considered then one have to admit that Bangla Blogosphere is really big. With numerous blogs of an ever increasing rate Bangla Blogosphere is expanding day by day. We hope that Prothom Alo Blog will take this Blogosphere to a higher level.

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  • Visit the Prothom Alo Blog HERE.

UPDATE: To get the invitation code registration in Prothom-Alo Blog group in Facebook is necessary. I got mine in this way. If you have any problem then it is better to email Mr. Mahbub Morshed (as only his email is shown in that group).

Introducing "BD Bloggerz"

I’ve recently develop a site where all the blogs from Bangladeshi bloggers will be listed. Mainly for last few days I’ve searched the web for a blog directory where all the Bangladeshi blogs but I didnot find any. Actually I found one in 3rd World’s View. I wanted to make a complete directory where any one can find any Bangladeshi blog in a simple and easy way. And here comes BD Bloggerz.

I’ve listed as many blogs as I could, but for listing all the blogs I need the help of all the Bangladeshi bloggers. It is a open request to all – please make post in your blog about this site and please inform others by any means, it may be by email or forum posts.

Internet Propaganda of a Candidate for the Mayor of Dhaka!

This post is not a Mayoral campaign of Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiky for the Mayor Election of Dhaka 2008. This news is published here because I found it as an interesting news and nothing else.

It looks like Bangladesh is entering cyber world for election campaign! Just in Facebook I’ve seen a Bangladeshi named Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiky is campaigning for the Mayor Election of Dhaka 2008. Well… it amazed me much. I’ve never seen any Bangladeshi candidate running propagnda in cyber world for any kind of election before. And I think we got the first one!

His name is Chowdhury Irad Ahmed Siddiky. He has a Facebook account. He has a regular blog. And he has a campaigning page in Facebook also! It seems that Bangladesh is entering in a new era of election campaigning. Whatever I could remember that once I had read the political blog of Sajib Wajed Joy (son of Sheikh Hasina the former PM of Bangladesh) but for some reason it is now not updating anymore. Apart of this I could not recall any personal site or blog of any of our political persons. In that sense Mr. Siddiky did a great job. Also it is not a bad idea to grab the young generations by wandering in the cyber space. To my concern, nobody had done it before. No doubt that he is a learned person but the question is how perfect is he for the Mayor of Dhaka? Well if you visit is Facebook Campaign page, you’ll find some 200 supporters, and whatever I know rest of the people of Dhaka have hardly heard his name!

I am not going to the argument about his winning chances, but… hey… it is indeed a interesting fact, isn’t it?

Sachalayatan Banned??

Sachalayatan, one of the prominent and popular Bangla blogging platform is being suddenly halted in Bangnladesh. The authority have assured that there is no technical problem in their server. More over it can’t be access from Bangladesh only. Users from other countries can easily access this site. So two facts can be happened for this occurrence: either it has been banned or BTCL has some technical problem.

But majority bloggers in blogosphere are believing the first possibility, that is it has been banned. But why? Well… the most appreciating answer is after the hostile behavior of the liberation war criminals of Bangladesh with our freedom fighters, Sachalayatan has protested that incident by taking the side of the freedom fighters. And to majority of people of Bangladesh believe that the hatred razakars (iberation war criminals) have enough political powers to ban thi site. Unheard Voices has posted the whole facts in their blog. Read the full article here.

As a blogger I expect that Sachalayatan should be back in the full swing. Hope to see it alive soon. My request to all Bangladeshi blogger for raising the voice against this occurrence.

Aabjaab: My New (Bangla) Blog

I’ve just created another blog. It’s another personal blog of mine. I’ve already have one, why the hell I created another one? Actually it is more likely a memory storage than a blog. I’ve a very simple life (who knows me will agree in this point). But when I saw them back they seem to be the golden days of my tiny life. So why don’t I share them with others? Memories are sweet. They are sweeter when they are reminisced. Bur they are even sweetest when they are shared with others. And this thought allured me to create this blog.

This time I’ve chosen Blogspot for publishing it. Why Blogspot? First – unlike WordPress it allows any templates for using in blog. Secondly (the most important) – I need a URL containing my favorite nick “maqtanim”. This blog is written in Bangla. Because I find it more comfortable to write my past memories in Bangla. No language favors me so much like Bangla to express my exact feelings.

I always prefer WordPress for blogging as it is easy to use and it has some really breathtaking premium themes. Personally I liked Brian Gardner‘s template. But as WordPress doesn’t allow editing CSS layout (in free of cost) in their DOT COM version, I had no chance to use Brian’s marvelous themes in my WordPress blog. Recently I got the XML code of the Revolution Theme (one of the Brian’s Finest creation for wordpress) for Blogger and it took me thinking why I am not using this theme in Blogspot? I’ve polished the CSS layout as my requirements. And… well … I did what I’ve thought. And now the site is up!

I was puzzled to give it a proper name. Then I named it as “Aabjaab”. I saw this word in a book written by Ahsan Habib. Ahsan Habib is a leading cartoonist and the editor of Unmad, the only satire magazine of Bangladesh. What does Aabjaab means? It means totally scrap or trash! I don’t think my life is that much interesting that I can write it in a literary way like the famous writers (actually I am not a writer, not in a slightest chance 😀 ). Which means all my stuffs are just no more than junk!

Enough talking. Now just go to my new blog and give me your feed back. I am eagerly waiting for the first comment in my new blog.

A Hard Week and A Penguine!

I am writing this post after almost 10 days. A long gap indeed. I was terribly busy with something or you can say nothing! What are those something-nothing stuffs? I’ve just created personal blogs for myself and for my little sister. Another personal blogs? This time the new blog is my Bangla blog, written all through in Bangla. Just take a look at my new blog. I’ve also created another blog for my little sister (she is new in blogosphere). Well, that task was not that much simple. As Blogger gives the opportunity to edit the CSS layout, I took that chance for both of the blogs (though I don’t know CSS that much). I’ve searched the net for appropriate templates. When I finally got them, I found that those templates were not working perfectly and they need some modifications. So be it! I took the templates and modified them according to my own choice. And they have been finished!

An unbearable incident happened within this time too. I got a terrible shock when I found out one of my close person as an impostor. What will be happened to you if you found that your faithful friend was just playing with your faith? The feelings can’t be portrayed. Not only me, he conned other persons of my close circle too! No one have ever been cheated me in such a way in my entire life as he did. Just a shock, a terribly blow for me. To make it worst the incident spread out to almost everyone I know by the grace of internet! Imagine the situation, everyone is contacting me to know whether he is fraud or not. Horrible situation! This incident also causing my delay in writing post to my blog. I pray to Almighty that no one would ever go through this type of situation.

This week I watched a new movie for which I’ve been waiting for months. As in Bangladesh, we have no scope to watch Hollywood’s movies in theater, we used to buy DVDs. But all DVDs don’t have the good quality. So for collecting a better quality of DVD, we sometimes wait for several months after the theatrical release of a movie. I bought the DVD this week. The movie is Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who! Two of my favorite actors are in the leading roles- Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. The movie is worth enjoying. If you are an animation movie lover and did not seen it yet, then I’ve one word for you – “Poor chap”! And I am waiting for other five movies: fourth installment of Indiana Jones, Ironman, Kungfu Panda, Speed Racer and Get Smart.

And here comes the penguin. Actually it has no relation with the above incidents. I got a flash game link from Ishmeet’s blog. And from that I am playing this game whenever I am connected to net. This game is about penguins. I’ve scored 320.3 and this is my best score till now. Here is a screen shot of the score at the end of this post. It becomes an addiction for me. I am trying to get rid of it (I’ve not played it from yesterday to till now).

Bangladeshi Blog Aggregator: We have none!

Blog Aggregator or Bloggers Community is utmost important for Blogosphere. Because it works as a junction point for all the blogs of a certain community. One can find out what the other people are thinking or what is the recent trends of their own community from that junction. Besides that, a blog aggregator also inspires people to contribute in blogosphere. Amateur bloggers can improve their blog by the useful comments from the expert bloggers from that community. Also one has the scope to read any fact from different views in different blogs. A blog aggregator actually represents the culture, mentality and opinions of a community.

As a blogger I am only 6 months old and I believe I am still an amateur. Whenever on net, I find a blog by a Bangladeshi origin I am delighted. But it is sure a cumbersome job to search blogs by Bangladeshi origin people. So the first thing that stroke in my brain is to find out any Bangladeshi Bloggers Community. For the last few months I’ve googled for any Bangladeshi Blog Aggregator but I found nothing! There is no community for Bangladeshi Bloggers or aggregation of Bangladeshi Blogs! I’ve found a name of Bangladeshi blog aggregator from Hasin’s blog, but for some reason it is not alive now. So the research result is “WE DON’T HAVE ANY ACTUAL BLOGGERS COMMUNITY OR BLOG AGGREGATOR FOR THE BLOGS MAINTAINED OR CREATED BY BANGLADESHI ORIGIN BLOGGERS”.

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