My ONE year old Blog!

Last year, on October 19, I started this blog, more precisely I published my first post in this blog. At that time I started this blog whimsically, I had no idea whether I can continue it or not. I started it as an experiment for just to know how it is felt to have a personal blog. But after a year later I’ve to admit that blogging is fun. Specially it is more delightful when I got comments in my posts. Publishing a post and getting comments on it is just more than fun!

Within this 12 months my visitors has been increased in surprising rate. In the first month I’ve only 220 hits in my blog while this number is 2500 (average) per month now a days which concludes a total visitors of more than 30000! Yeah… its a huge number for me which I did not expect during the starting days of this blog. Thanks to all of my reader for having with me and commenting my posts in these days.

These days I am too busy with other stuffs which keep me away from my blog. That’s why I am not available here frequently! But I hope to back in blogosphere with my frequent appearance soon.

Thanks to all of my readers and commentors again for influencing me to keep this blog alive.

5th Anniversary of iO2

Sometimes there are some special moments or date which you can’t deny for rest of your life. Because they announce what are you now today for every instance! They are the flag points in your life. They are the beginning of every success in your life. January 12 is such a day in my little life span.

January 12, the most memorable day for every IUTians of 2002 batch. This is the day of beginning of our IUT life. On 2003, January 12 we officially became the part of IUT. That day was Sunday. I can still remember the day as if it were yesterday! The day was too much foggy to see objects in a distance of three hands. I can feel the excitements of starting my university life of that day even now!

We are known as 2002 Batch in IUT as our admission procedures in IUT were completed in the year 2002 just after our HSC exam. We called ourselves as i02 (iutians 2002). While we were the students of IUT, we used to celebrate this day every year. Now time has changed, our life has changed but did our feelings change? I still feel the same attraction for that fairyland where I passed my four years. Life is harsh but sometimes it seems sweet for some moments that we hold as memory.

On this occasion, warm greetings to all i02s. Thanks to all i02 friends for supporting me in my entire IUT life. Without you I couldn’t be what I am now. Long live the friendship of i02s.

… and ofcourse thank you IUT for giving us a wonderful opportunity to live within you. I am proud of you. And I’ll be.

Ten blogging tips from the Ultimate Blogger.

Do you know Jorn Barger? The answer will be negative for most of you except the geeks. Well he is often called as the Father of Blogs. Barger coined the term weblog on December 17, 1997; ten years ago this week for the first time to describe the process of logging the web as he surfed. And in 2007, Blogging is now probably the most important matter for the netizens. No one can actually count how many blogs are there in blogsphere. According to the CyberJournalist, the blogosphere is doubling about once every 6 and a half months. Not only the blogs also the blog lingo like Klogs, Plogs, Vogging etc. has been grown in a large extend. So tips from the Father will obviously be helpful for all the bloggers. Just go through the tips and enhance your blogging. By the way , Happy Birthday Blogs! Original link of these tips can be found here.

  1. A true weblog is a log of all the URLs you want to save or share. (So is actually better for blogging than
  2. You can certainly include links to your original thoughts, posted elsewhere … but if you have more original posts than links, you probably need to learn some humility.
  3. If you spend a little time searching before you post, you can probably find your idea well articulated elsewhere already.
  4. Being truly yourself is always hipper than suppressing a link just because it’s not trendy enough. Your readers need to get to know you.
  5. You can always improve on the author’s own page title, when describing a link. (At least make sure your description is full enough that readers will recognize any pages they’ve already visited, without having to visit them again.)
  6. Always include some adjective describing your own reaction to the linked page (great, useful, imaginative, clever, etc.)
  7. Credit the source that led you to it, so your readers have the option of “moving upstream.”
  8. Warn about “gotchas” — weird formatting, multipage stories, extra-long files, etc. Don’t camouflage the main link among unneeded (or poorly labeled) auxiliary links.
  9. Pick some favorite authors or celebrities and create a Google News feed that tracks new mentions of them, so other fans can follow them via your weblog.
  10. Re-post your favorite links from time to time, for people who missed them the first time.