History of Liberation War: A Book by Muhammad Zafar Iqbal


Famous Bangladeshi writer Muhammad Zafar Iqbal has written a book about the history of liberation war of 1971, which has been published in December 24, 2008. That book set a record of highest selling books in the February book fair of 2009. Today, on the independence day, the publishers put this book on internet so that any people can easily collect that book. And the download is totally free!

This book can be downloaded from the website of HISTORTY OF LIBERATION WAR.

Let all of us write a Diary… together!


It is December. It is the month of victory of Bangladesh.

This a request. A request to store the history of our country by us… all Bangladeshis… all of us. This a an attempt to capture the glorious moments of the liberation war of 1971 for us as well as for our next generation by us. For this initiative a blog has been opened. It is not quite ready yet but it will be for sure.

All Bangladeshis are kindly requested to reach this information to other Bangladeshis (especially to those who can contribute this site by their memories, stories, experiences… anything). We are waiting to taste the actual history from the history makers themselves.

We are waiting!

First Flag of Bangladesh.

The first flag of the independence movement of Bangladesh in 1971 was somewhat different than the present one. That flag had a map of Bangladesh in gold color embedded  at the center of the red circle. This was the original design of the flag of Bangladesh under which the valiant freedom fighters fought during our liberation war. On the 3rd of March 1971, ASM Abdur Rab, the then Vice President of Dhaka University Student’s Union, hoisted the flag for the first time at the historic Dhaka University location known as Bot-tola. This flag was also raised at the then Ramna Racecourse (now a park renamed as Shuhrawardy Uddayan) when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave his historic speech proclaiming “…this struggle is the struggle for liberation…“.

First Flag of Bangladesh

Salute to the Martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971.

December, an extremely significant month in the history of Bangladesh. This is the month of victory for Bangladesh. On December 16, 1971; Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) achieved independence from Pakistan (then West Pakistan) after a continuous war of nine months, which is known as “Liberation War” or “Mukti Juddho”.

During the war there were widespread killings and other atrocities – including the displacement of civilians in Bangladesh and widespread violations of human rights – carried out by the Pakistan Army with support from political and religious militias began with the start of Operation Searchlight on 25 March 1971. At the end of the war Bangladesh lost 3 millions of her brave people.

I am remembering those valiant gems of Bangladesh without whom a new nation couldn’t be born. Without them we are nothing. They are our history. The brave soldiers of Bangla, we never forget you. You are our hero, our pride, our existence. May Allah give us strength so that we can stand against them who opposes you as well as the liberation war.