We Salute You…

Once you’ve brought our freedom, you gave us a country, you made us proud for being a Bangladeshi. Some people opposed you, but you were men of steel who had nothing to loose except this country. Those opposer’s dream never came true because of you. You gave up all for us. You are our hero. You are the freedom fighters of 1971.

Independece day

But what do we do for you? Nothing. We know you did not fought for fame or debauchery life. But you deserved that. You were like the kings at that time. You could demand any thing. But you did not. What did we give you in return? We could not give you the respect you deserved. The opposers of the 71’s war (Raazakaars) are letting to do what they want freely. We let them to carry the Red n’ Green flag of your dream country on their cars. We elected them as our political leader.

Can’t you again raise up your hand shouting “Joy Bangla”? Can’t you lead us to defeat the raazakaars? Can’t we start to build your country of dream where no political clashes will be occurred? Cant’ we just dump our so called political leaders who think of themselves than our country? Ain’t we enough for our Bangladesh? Can’t we make a fresh vow in this Independence Day?

It is never too late.

Siratul Mustaqim: A New Islamic Site in Bangla

A new Islamic website is making its’ way in the web world. Title of this site is SIRATUL MUSTAQIM which means “The Straight Path”. This site is intended to inform people about the life style in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The whole site is in Bangla. So that may be a problem for those who don’t know Bangla.


Siratul Mustaqim

One of the developer of this site is my senior in IUT and my present colleague Minhaz Akram. Minhaz bhai worked hard for last couple of months to develop this site. This site has some attractive features like Daily Time Table of Saalat, Electronic Quran, Electronic Hadith etc. This site is still under construction. Many more feature are hoped to add within this month. There is option for the users to ask any islamic question and that question will be answered as soon as possible.

Visit the site and give your feed back there. To visit the site click here. Your constructive comments will help the site to be more resourceful.

Dhaka: Second Dirtiest City in World

Yeap… You read it right! Dhaka is the second dirtiest city in the whole world. And this ranking has been published by the Forbes. About Dhaka it says, “Lead-poisoned air lands Dhaka, Bangladesh, the No. 2 spot on the list. Traffic congestion in the capital continues to worsen with vehicles emitting fatal amounts of air pollutants daily, including lead. The World Bank-funded Air Quality Management Project aims to help.

So what’s the big deal? We don’t care of ourselves… isn’t it! All we used to know that Kolkata (city in India) is much more dirty than Dhaka. I personally never visited Kolkata, but from various pictures of Kolkata I can say that Kolkata is much dirtier than Dhaka. But this ranking tells us something different. The present scenario of Burigonga river is very much shocking. Pollution turns water of that river in to black. Carbon Monoxide and Lead emitted by the vehicles are main culprits to cause air pollution in Dhaka.

Is anybody there to take proper steps for surviving Dhaka from a polluted environment? It’s the high time for all of us.

Heads on spears

To read the original report published in Forbes, click here. To see the pictures of the ranked cities click here.

Thank you… Anonymous Donor

A philanthropist will donate $130 million for rebuilding the battered life of Sidr victims in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. The Daily Star

Angel Baby

Yeap… some anonymous benevolent person donated 130M USD for the SIDR victims of Bangladesh. This amount is almost equal to 910 Crore Bangladeshi Taka. Obviously a huge amount of money for the SIDR victims. Authorities mentioned that this fund will be used mostly for rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools and shelters while the rest for agriculture and fisheries in the SIDR affected areas. It is also mentioned in the news that IDB (Islamic Development Bank) will support rehabilitation and reconstruction projects after final assessment of the damages done by the devastating cyclone.

Now it’s a great responsibility for our government to use this money in a proper way. Government must take necessary steps so that immediate action is taken to manipulate this money. And my cordial thanks to that anonymous, benevolent, amiable person who give this much amount for the development of Bangladesh. Who ever you are, you are an angel to us! You’ve just give us a light to see the steps towards our dream for a better Bangladesh.

LabAid Cardiac Hospital – Reality Bites!

Today while I was surfing the WORDPRESS tags (which I often do), I found several post regarding LabAid under the tag Bangladesh. And all of them indicating the dark side of LabAid. That made me curious, why on earth people abhoring LabAid so much. I personally didn’t get any chance to be acquaintanced with LabAid, so I had no idea what services actually they served. For those who don’t have any idea about LabAid, it is a cardiac hospital in Bangladesh. On television they broadcast an aesthetic advertise which surely convince any patient enough to get admitted to LabAid. Watching that ad on TV anyone can be persuaded that LabAid is the #1 cardiac hospital in Bangladesh. But the articles posted in WORDPRESS, redefined LabAid from a completely new angle. They take more than a handsome amount of money as their SERVICE charge, but if it is their SERVICE then where the word HUMANITY will hide itself?

To read the full article please click here. To read posts on other blogs of WORDPRESS regarding LabAid click here.


New7Wonders of Nature: Bangladesh is in Top

When I am writing this post (January3, 2008; 11:37 am) the top two places of New 7 Wonders of Nature Nominees are held by Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazaar is in 1st place and Sundarban is in 2nd place. [source] Thanks to all of you, who made this possible.

All my readers are familiar with the page Vote Cox’s Bazaar and ShundorBon of my blog from October 2007. Before creating that page I prepared a poster for supporting Cox’s Bazaar and Sundarban for New7Wonders of Nature Nominees and placed that on my personal website. When I first involved myself with this campaign, I had never imagine that Bangladesh will be the top listed after several months. Of course it is our credit to show the world that what we can do. Thanks to all the Bangladeshi and people from other countries who made this possible.

Now onward, the task is more difficult. We’ve to make sure that Bangladesh will held her position in the top list. So people keep casting your vote for Cox’s Bazaar and Sundarban. It is our duty to keep Bangladesh in the top of the list of the nominees.