‘The Adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn’ — official trailer released!

We already know that, the posters for the movie ‘The Adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn’ has been officially unveiled. Now it’s time for another exciting news. The first official trailer has been released at the iTunes Movie Trailer site! Watch Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Thomson and Thompson in action in the following trailer!

Spiel­berg and Tintin – what a combination! And this time they both are back! I am waiting …

‘The Adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn’ – official posters unveiled!

I was waiting for a l-o-n-g time for the first poster of the ‘The Adventures of Tintin: The secret of the Unicorn’. And the wait is finally over! The first two official posters for the Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg production of the Tintin movie has been unveiled. The script for the movie is actually based on three Tintin comics: ‘The Crab with the Golden Claws‘, ‘The Secret of the Unicorn‘ and it’s sequel ‘Red Rackham’s Treasure‘.

The movie is based on the above three Tintin comics

The movie is slated for a December 23th release in the USA. But the European release is set to take place in October/November, earlier than USA! Nevertheless, being a Tintin fan for a long long time, I can’t wait to watch the movie! By the way, following is the official posters of the movie (click the images to enlarge).

Courtesy: I came to know the news from Russell John.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

Just watched the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) couple of hours ago in the theater! I have been waiting for this movie since I’ve heard that the last book of Harry Potter is going to be split in to two parts for the movie. To be frankly, the fast story rolling of the Goblet of Fire, the Order of Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince slightly disappointed me. Those movies did not portrait the full story of the respective books, merely they were the highlights of the story books. So when I came to know that, they are going to split the last movie to keep the flavor of the story intact, I was really thrilled. I could not wait to watch the movie!

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1


For not to spoil the viewers experience, I am not going to reveal the actual story, rather I am giving an overall idea of the story. This is the First part of the Seventh book of Harry Potter series. As the continuation of the last movie (Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince), Dumbledore is dead and Harry Potter is still the Chosen One, upon whom the followers of Dumbledore still keep the faith. He leaves the Privet Drive. He decided to search the remaining Horcruxes and destroyed them. Along with Harry, his two best friends Ron and Hermione have decided not to go back to Hogwarts this year. Instead they involved in a secret mission of destroying the Horcruxes. But that secret mission became the journey of a lifetime, where they found their goal of life, re-discovered themselves as well as their friendship, lost some of their dearest friends, overcome their innermost fears, and unrevealed mysteries of pasts.

The Review:

As I mentioned earlier, to keep the original flavor of the book this movie is split into two parts. And they did not disappoint me. David Yates really did an amazing job. Not only him but also Daniel, Rupert and Emma delivered quite a good acting. The first thing about this is, it’s not a children movie anymore. Harry, Ron and Hermione were no more that kid wizard. They have grown up. They are more matured now. The maturity is clear. Almost the whole movie is about these three bosom friends, other characters do not have that much significant appearance. But that really does not matter, because one can hardly feel the absence of other characters. Moreover, this time, the director tried really hard not to speed up the story, rather he took it slowly and steadily. Which in fact, was a good move. Also there are some minor changes from the main story. The action sequence was really good, especially the ambush scene when Hagrid flew Harry away to the Burrow from the Private Drive. Also the part of depicting the Tale of the Deathly Hallows with a nice animation is really a superb touch.

But still there are some shortages (or flaws perhaps). Such as Hogwarts’ takeover or Harry missing and thinking about Ginny have been totally ignored, though there is a small scene of Hogwarts Express and a glimpse on Neville was there. Also the part of Ollivander and Gregorovitch are hard to understand for someone who hasn’t read the book. There is one intense sensual moment, which I do not think as a necessary elements. And while the Tale of the Deathly Hallows have been told, the fact that Harry owns the invisible cloak was ignored somehow! The whole movie is gloomy and dark, has scene of more blood comparing to the previous parts and little bit horror too. (It is rated PG-13 for some sequences of intense action violence, frightening images and brief sensuality.)

Apart from that, the director portrayed love, friendship, jealousy, loyalty, loneliness wonderfully. The first part of the Finale of Harry Potter is an stunning adventurous story with lots of clues to solve. To be precisely, it is the introduction of the Finale. And it can be easily assumed that a lot of things are coming in the next part. But the main feature of this movie is, one can not be bored while watching the film. At the end, this movie makes the viewers to wait eagerly for the next part, whether he/she knows the story or not.

In Conclusion, the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has put away the childish things of the previous movies and become a not-a-kid-movie-anymore. But that does not disappoint me. This movie is for them, who passed their childhood reading the Harry Potter books and grew old with Harry, Ron and Hermione. It’s really wonderful to find out that the kid wizards are no longer kids, they have grown up just like the readers. This movie leaves me excitedly to anticipate the final installment. And to be frankly, this is a great movie for not only Potter fans, but all movie addicts as well. Overall, it is a worth watching movie (of course!).

35mm: A short movie about 35 movies!

It is a short film, which is made on cinema itself! The creators of the film chose 35 of their favorite movies and represented them with their unique symbols, themes and music in this two minutes film. Which means 35 films within one movie! I have watched almost 25 movies out of those 35 movies, but I could not figure more than 7 movies, even after watching the film for several times!

Check out the film. And try to find out as much movie as you can! It is fun!! Even if you are not interesting to finding out the movies, just watch the film, it is really wonderful and worth watching!

In Pathé… for Max Payne


I first heard of Max Payne back in 2001 and I played that game after just one year. I never forget the moments that I enjoyed during the game play. What a game! It changed the definition of 3D shooting game. Astonishing graphics and tactic of game play along with Bullet Time Combo made that game fascinating to me. For the first time I saw Bullet Time in any game and which made that game more lucrative to me indeed! From that time till now Max Payne is one of my most favourite games.

I saw Mark Wahlberg first in the movie The Italian Job. He played as a thief named , who believes in robbery with no bloodshed. I’ve seen many heist films but not like The Italian Job. And Mark was the nucleus of that movie. Cool headed, intelligent, funny and good looking – no one is perfect as Charlie Croker but Mark. later I saw him in Invincible. Another good movie from Mark. And for these two movies I always like him.

Now just combine the two Max Payne and Mark Wahlberg, the result should be outstanding outcomes. That was my expectation for the newly released movie Max Payne. For the last couple of weeks I was too busy with my exams. So when I got a break in this weekend, I looked no further, with my cousin Erik, I went to Pathé to watch this movie. And I was disappointed!

I expected to watch a lot of special effects full of bullet time combo with blasting action sequences. To my disappointed the director used the bullet time combo only for twice. And it became more a detective movie rather than an action movie. The most disheartening fact is that, the movie suddenly came to an end. May be there is a plan for the sequel but that doesn’t mean to end the story all in a sudden. This could be a blockbuster movie of this year but well… it will not. The movie has been detoured from the original game, but that is not the point, the point is the movie can’t keep the hype of the game.

If you are a serious fan of Max Payne then the movie is definitely not for you!

Kung Fu Panda with Firefox3

Well it’s not like that Kung Fu Panda was released with Firefox3! It’s my weekend that came with Kung Fu Panda and Firefox3. So the heading should be “My Weekend: Kung Fu Panda with Firefox3”. But… well… I couldn’t resist myself to do that joke! 😀

At last I’ve watched it! Yeap… I am talking about the animation movie Kung Fu Panda. I’ve been waiting for it. And this waiting was over in this weekend. Actually I always waiting for a good quality DVD print. But my little sis could not bear the awaiting any more and she bought it (and of course with my money) though the screen quality of the DVD was poor. The film is surely worth watching. The film is about panda named Po, who dreams to be a kung fu warrior. Only problem is his bulky body which creates the barrier to become a warrior. But things changed when he was accidentally picked up as the Dragon Warrior by the Tortoise Master Oogway (though Oogway continuosly claimed that choosing Po was not any accident). When Po became the Dragon Warrior, it was obvious that he have to face the evil snow leopard warrior Tai Lung, the former student of Master Shifu. Now it’s Pos’ responsibility to defeat him. But one little proble: Po doesn’t khnow the Kung Fu! I was stunned by the opening of this film. It opens with a hand drawn 2D animated sequence which resembles to Samurai Jack. Traditional Dreamworks opening was also changed!

Another surprise for me in this weekend was the Firefox 3. I’ve been a fan of FF for a long time. FF2 was great for using over the IE7. When I was introduced with Opera and Firefox, I barely used IE since then. Though IE7 has some good features which were not included in FF2, I liked FF2 because of it’s ease of use. And now it launches the version 3. First impression after opening the FF3 was just “WOW!”. A cool interface with all buttons in appropriate palces. I’ve not used it so much yet, so can’t discuss all the new features. But one thing amused me, FF3 can zoom the page with text and pictures together.

Well… a pretty good weekend, huh? An worth watching movie and the new upgradation of the best browser in the world.

A Hard Week and A Penguine!

I am writing this post after almost 10 days. A long gap indeed. I was terribly busy with something or you can say nothing! What are those something-nothing stuffs? I’ve just created personal blogs for myself and for my little sister. Another personal blogs? This time the new blog is my Bangla blog, written all through in Bangla. Just take a look at my new blog. I’ve also created another blog for my little sister (she is new in blogosphere). Well, that task was not that much simple. As Blogger gives the opportunity to edit the CSS layout, I took that chance for both of the blogs (though I don’t know CSS that much). I’ve searched the net for appropriate templates. When I finally got them, I found that those templates were not working perfectly and they need some modifications. So be it! I took the templates and modified them according to my own choice. And they have been finished!

An unbearable incident happened within this time too. I got a terrible shock when I found out one of my close person as an impostor. What will be happened to you if you found that your faithful friend was just playing with your faith? The feelings can’t be portrayed. Not only me, he conned other persons of my close circle too! No one have ever been cheated me in such a way in my entire life as he did. Just a shock, a terribly blow for me. To make it worst the incident spread out to almost everyone I know by the grace of internet! Imagine the situation, everyone is contacting me to know whether he is fraud or not. Horrible situation! This incident also causing my delay in writing post to my blog. I pray to Almighty that no one would ever go through this type of situation.

This week I watched a new movie for which I’ve been waiting for months. As in Bangladesh, we have no scope to watch Hollywood’s movies in theater, we used to buy DVDs. But all DVDs don’t have the good quality. So for collecting a better quality of DVD, we sometimes wait for several months after the theatrical release of a movie. I bought the DVD this week. The movie is Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who! Two of my favorite actors are in the leading roles- Jim Carrey and Steve Carell. The movie is worth enjoying. If you are an animation movie lover and did not seen it yet, then I’ve one word for you – “Poor chap”! And I am waiting for other five movies: fourth installment of Indiana Jones, Ironman, Kungfu Panda, Speed Racer and Get Smart.

And here comes the penguin. Actually it has no relation with the above incidents. I got a flash game link from Ishmeet’s blog. And from that I am playing this game whenever I am connected to net. This game is about penguins. I’ve scored 320.3 and this is my best score till now. Here is a screen shot of the score at the end of this post. It becomes an addiction for me. I am trying to get rid of it (I’ve not played it from yesterday to till now).

Taare Zameen Par: A movie of life time

I am neither a big fan nor a regular watcher of Hindi movies. Don’t think I am underestimating the Hindi movies. Actual reason is I don’t understand Hindi well (except some words those are similar to Bangla). So without subtitles, I don’t used to watch Hindi movies. That’s the reason why I am an occasional viewer of Hindi movies. Recently I watched the movie Taare Zameen Par directed by Aamir Khan two days ago. If I want to define the movie in one single line I’ve to say “it is one of the very touching movies I’ve ever seen”.

Taare Zameen Par

The story of this movie is about a dyslexic boy named Ishaan. Who hates school. Because of dyslexia, every subject is seemed to be difficult for him which leads him to fail in every subjects. His teachers and classmates subject him to constant acts of public humiliation rather than help him. It became worse when his parents send him to boarding school for being “excelled”. But life in boarding school did not make any change in his life as nobody there understood him. This changes however when a new temporary art teacher (Aamir Khan) joins Ishan’s boarding school. Then a wonderful story between a teacher and a student is portrayed in the movie. It is awesome to watch how a teacher can change a students life!

At the beginning of this post I used the word “touching” to demonstrate the genre of this movie. After watching the movie you can’t just hold your tear. You’ll feel a new of you in side yourself. Thanks to Aamir Khan for filming such a mervellous movie.