Upgraded to a new theme – Twenty Fifteen

It’s been a long while since I changed/upgraded the theme of this site. It’s been almost four years that I was using the Twenty Eleven theme for my blog. I modified the theme a bit. I was quite happy with that theme. That theme was full of widgets! Yes… there was a time when I loved to display lots of widgets in my sidebars and footers. But the taste began to change (may be I am growing old). The minimal and clean designs started to appeal to me. I was looking for a new theme for the last couple of months. No doubt to say that, WordPress has some real great themes in their repository, but somehow they failed to attract me. And then came the Twenty Fifteen with the upgrade of WordPress 4.1.

“This is exactly what I want” – came to my mind when I first look at Twenty Fifteen. It is a theme that shows my content clean and clear, without any distractions with different colors. The more important thing is, it works across different devices. The three things I loved about this theme are its’ responsive layout,  separate social links and beautiful menu description. Its’ simple, straightforward typography is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes, and suitable for multiple languages.

But I faced a minor problem after installing it. As you can see, I am using Disqus for the commenting system. Twenty Fifteen got a hiccup with Disqus, though it can easily be resolved. Apart from that, I am enjoying a smooth sailing with the new theme. Everything of this theme is so perfect for me, that I didn’t bother to modify the theme.

Reaching Out to Japan

It’s been nearly a week that Japan was almost annihilated in a catastrophic tsunami. While Japan is trying to overcome damages and casualties after the heart-breaking catastrophe, the Ubuntu Community has set up a website for users to send a message of support to the Japanese Ubuntu LoCo team as well as the people of Japan. You can add your name and show your support for the Japanese at that website.

Though the sentiment and well wishes are great comforts after such a calamity, in times such as these, it will be very palpable if you can help and reach those affected people financially by bringing the most immediate benefit for them. Google has more details on how you can help financially.

Rejuvenation of my site & the binary day

It’s been a long time that, I am maintaining my sites and blogs. Yes… you are reading correctly, there is a S after the words SITE & BLOG. Which indicates that I do have multiple sites and blogs. Having multiple websites and managing all of them is really a tough task. I was trying to merge them all into one single site so that I can manage all of them smoothly and painlessly!

Well… It seems that now I got that chance! Thanks to Russell John and his company Trance Host for giving me that chance! Now I have my own domain… WWW.QUAIUM.COM ! I put our family site in the top domain (though I have no clue what to do with a family site), and took a sub domain for my site. And then did a tremendous(!) job to merge all of my websites and blogs in to this site. And thanks to Tareq Hasan, who helped to modify the theme for my site.

Now on, I have only one site, and that is ~ WWW.ADNAN.QUAIUM.COM. For the last couples of years, I used to write Bangla blogs under the pen-name “OVRONIIL”. At that time, I also had my own blogs both in English and Bangla (where I use my real name), my personal website (I did not use wordpress.com blog for my personal website, rather I used a free hosting service) and another Bangla blog under the pseudonym “OVRONIIL”. All of those sites and blogs are now merged in to one site. Which is really a great relief for me. That means I do not have to login 3/4 sites to manage and update them all. And which also means that from now on I’ll regularly maintain my blog (i’ll try my best). It seems that, at last, I’ve owned a home… my home!

So, dear reader, if you were a regular follower of my blog(s), now it is time to update your bookmark, replace those old URL(s) of my blogs/sites with this new one! If you were not a regular follower of any of my blogs then it is time to add my blog into your bookmark list!

By the way, did you notice that today is the binary day? October 10, 2010! Which represents 10.10.10! One, zero, one, zero… and so on. Guess what! A perfect day to announce my new BINARY ADDRESS!

Happy Binary day!

A little note: I started my first blog on October 2007, exactly 3 years ago!


My ONE year old Blog!

Last year, on October 19, I started this blog, more precisely I published my first post in this blog. At that time I started this blog whimsically, I had no idea whether I can continue it or not. I started it as an experiment for just to know how it is felt to have a personal blog. But after a year later I’ve to admit that blogging is fun. Specially it is more delightful when I got comments in my posts. Publishing a post and getting comments on it is just more than fun!

Within this 12 months my visitors has been increased in surprising rate. In the first month I’ve only 220 hits in my blog while this number is 2500 (average) per month now a days which concludes a total visitors of more than 30000! Yeah… its a huge number for me which I did not expect during the starting days of this blog. Thanks to all of my reader for having with me and commenting my posts in these days.

These days I am too busy with other stuffs which keep me away from my blog. That’s why I am not available here frequently! But I hope to back in blogosphere with my frequent appearance soon.

Thanks to all of my readers and commentors again for influencing me to keep this blog alive.

100 posts old Blog!


My blog is just 100 posts old. This is my 100th post in my blog. You may have noticed that there is a hit counter which shows the counts from October 2007. In that sense within six months, I’ve published my 100th post. The expert bloggers will surely sneer at this; 100 posts in 6 months, almost 16 posts per month, what so special? Yeap… there is obvious some specialty. When I first started this blog, I thought it would take minimum a year to reach the 100th post [for my reader’s information who does not know me well… I am very much lazy 😯 ] because I was very much confused what would I write in my blog? But now whatever I’ve written in my blog whether they are good ❓ or junk, I’ve just made the century!

And I am thanking my readers for swallowing those junks of my blog 😀 and encouraged me by commenting. And of course thanks to the Almighty Allah for giving me the strength to carry out this blog so far.

I hope in future, my readers will be attached with my blog with their valuable comments as usual or just by visiting (which actually keeps my hit counter busy 😛 ).

Welcome to AUSTronics

I’ve been thinking for developing such a online platform where all the AUST students as well as teachers can share their technical thoughts and knowledge with the rest of the technical world. To give this idea a sense, some of my students came forward. It was really a boiling job. To make the site more lucrative and significant, we’ve decided to collect teachers articles first. By this time we make the decision where to open the site. As we need free hosting without any advertisements, we choose WORDPRESS and BLOGSPOT. WordPress does not give privilege to edit any java scripts or DHTML, which made us to confine our idea within Blogspot.

We’ve made it at last! The AUSTronics is open for all now. Surely the credits goes to my students Arif, Kanto, Razie, Shorif, Tahseen and Asif. Asif develop the site almost alone. He added a nice menu bar at the top just below the title banner. Title banner was designed by Shorif. Today when I was leaving AUST, I found Tahseen circulating the lunching news of AUSTronics by placing flyers in the notice boards.

Dear readers, who’re reading this article, please visit the site of AUSTronics. We don’t expect you to be a technical expertise but we can expect at least you can inform others about the site. By the way to participate in the AUSTronics, you don’t need to be a technical person. Your article is techno-oriented — that’s enough for us!