Book Worm!

I am well known as a book worm, at least I knew that. From childhood to till now I am a great enthusiastic of books. I can read my favorite books again and again. No tiredness at all to read them repeatedly. By the way not all books allure me. Suppose the text books. I am not a text book lover (if you knew my academic background then you wouldn’t hesitate to believe 🙂 ). I love adventurous, thriller and comedy books including comics (from Asterix to X-Men). It was hard to believe that I was going to bed at night without a novel or comics. But now it is reality!

Suddenly I have discovered a new of me. Now a days I am always surrounded by text books like “Continuous and Discrete Signals and Systems” by Soliman-Srinath, “Digital Signal Processing” by Proakis, “Signal Processing and Linear Systems” by Lathi and “Analysis of Linear Systems” by Cheng. So what is the secret of being so much text book lover? Well… this semester in AUST, I’ve made a bold movement. “Linear System” is considered to be one of the most tough course subject in entire under-graduation course work of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. It is not only reason why other teachers are not willing to teach this subject. One of our assistant professor Monjur Morshed (who regularly conducts this course) took this subject to an artistic level. From that point no one is interested to share a subject like this with him. And I’ve chosen this subject to teach the students this semester!  The subject is not tough but it is tough to keep pace with  Monjur Bhai (as he is conducting other two sections of class from total  of four sections) and to hammer out it to students’ thoughts. I don’t know whether my students are studying hard as me. I am always trying to convince them to stick out with the subjects. But you know students are students, they won’t study unless the exam knocks their door. Sometimes my mom wonders seeing my passionate relationship with those textbooks “…whether you’ll seat for exam?”.

I’ve read my last books (of course non-textbook) just a month ago. One of them was a collection of Bangla short stories of Porshuram and the other was “Patriot Game” by Tom Clancy. Woh … I am missing those books terribly. I heard something of Summer Vacation of AUST which’ll probably be started from the next week for a whole week. I am waiting for that vacation … eagerly and anxiously. At least I’ll get touch with my pleasant companions.

My new office room.

In the new campus of AUST I’ve gotten my new office room. As a faculty member of Dept. of EEE it was assumed that unlike the previous campus, we’ll got our rooms. As due to lack of facilities, previous campus was unable to provide most of us a room (even a chair and table). We were glad that those terrible experiences are not returned in this new campus. Actually I didn’t get a whole room rather an one third of a room. I’ve to share my room with two other faculty members (Shariful Islam and Biplob Kumar Das), but whatever it is, I’ve gotten my own table and chair! 😛

I know it is childish, but can’t wait to share the fresh pics of my new office room with my readers. The room is literally neat and clean, as we have not decorated it yet! So here goes the couple of first day first show snapshots 😀

Busy Bee!

I am feeling like a busy bee. Life suddenly becomes busier now a days. It is the end of the Fall 2007 semester in AUST and the preparatory leave for the students to prepare themselves for the upcoming semester final has been started. all the teachers are doing actually nothing in this leave. But my fate is somewhat different! I got the job of planning the class schedule for the next semester (Spring 2008) for EEE department. Planning the class schedule of EEE department of AUST is considered the most cumbersome job. Because of the large body of both students and faculties. Moreover, next semester AUST is going to it’s permanent campus in Tejgaon. And in new building, EEE department is deprived of sufficient number of rooms. Yeah, I used the word DEPRIVE. Because ever since I joined in AUST, I saw that EEE department is not treated as it should be like other departments. New phenomena is Class room shortage in new building. AUST may provide only 8 (or less) rooms for the upcoming semester to EEE department to accommodate approximately 1200 students! I don’t know how I’ll finish the schedule. If the schedule is finished somehow students’ll not get rest between the classes or labs. It’s gonna be a tight schedule for the EEE department in the Spring 2008!


And offcourse thanks to Ahmed bhai who’ve helped me very much in setting question papers for the awaiting exam. Next semester some of our colleagues will leave AUST. Already Assistant professor Rafiul Hossain has left AUST for UIU. He is really one of the fewest people who are expert in VLSI. Two of our lecturers Ms. Sadia Moriam and Mr. Ziaur Rahman will leave AUST at the end of this February. Another lecturer Mrs. Nazia Farha will take leave for the next whole semester. I’ll really miss them.

Back to the Busy Life.


I am going to embrace the busy life again. As the classes of Fall 2007 semester in AUST has begun in a full swing, I’ll be again in the classroom in front of a white board delivering lectures. For the last three weeks, AUST was not so much active as the students were in vacation after their semester final exam. Though the classes started from this week; due to the first week of the new semester, AUST did not seem to be alive at all.

This semester I was assigned to co-ordinate a new course, that is, Digital Electronics. My previous course, Programming Language, is assigned to Minhaz Akram (one of my senior from IUT and a lecturer in EEE department AUST). Mr. Ahmedullah Siddiq, Assistant Professor from our EEE department helped me much for this subject. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the subject. As it is a new subject for me, it will keep me quite busy for a pretty long time.

Sometimes I think, what I’m missing in life? Life is becoming very busy day-by-day. Can’t manage time for meeting the old friends. Can’t have a moment break to escape from the monotonous of every day’s life. Can’t get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the nature. But whatever I say, I’ve no choice, this is life, and I’ve to admit it.

One year in AUST!

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I should have written this article earlier, due to my busy life I couldn’t find out spare times to write it all! Actually I also forgot the date of my joining in Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology as a Lecturer. Last Wednesday Shorif Bhai, one of my colleagues, reminded me the anniversary. I was amused at that time by thinking that how fast time flows.

After graduating from IUT on September 2006, I joined in AUST on October 2006. Frankly speaking I didn’t have any desire for the teaching life. While I was student, I used to dream of various engineering jobs but not the teaching. Even “I can be a teacher” – i never thought this line in my life; but now I am a teacher… a teacher of a prestigious private engineering university of Bangladesh…who could’ve think of that?

I’m still confused whether I am enjoying my job! But I found my colleagues very helpful and approachable. I always used to think that teachers are always boring, they don’t have any fun in their life or at least what they call fun is not fun to us. My this type of idea was punctured when I got in touch with my colleagues. In our teacher’s common room (Rm#213) of EEE department , there is always an euphoric environment all through. Bobby bhai and Ferdous bhai is the center of any gossip. Sometimes Jahangir bhai also joined there. Shorif bhai is one of my closest colleagues though he is 2 years senior to me. He is very friendly and jolly by nature. Biplob Bhai, Minhaz Bhai, Mushfiq Bhai, Mizan Bhai – all are very much helpful in any condition. Monju bhai is a sweet guy who likes laugh and is popular for his pinching people. He is a constant supply of fun. By the way I am the junior most lecturer in our department still now. I’ve Kaiser Habib, not junior to me but my batch-mate. So we two are the most junior teachers in the whole university!

I almost forgot to mention Momo aapu and Sadia Aapu. We call them “Sokhi” which means something like “friends forever” in Bangla. They sit together, eat together, take a break together, gossip together, take labs together, even they had the record of being sick for almost a week together! Oh… there is one difference between them, they live in different places, one in Mohammadpur and another one in Uttora. By the way, I like Momo aapu, because she never says “no” when I ask her for a lunch after invigilating her class tests.

I’ve got some students who greeted me on EID day. I was very much surprised at that, because I could not remember that I greeted any of my teachers on Eid day. By the way, I do have some potential students, who are very mush eager to prove themselves.

Another year of my AUST life has begun. Don’t know what is in future, but to my horrible, I think, slowly I am gonna like this profession! If it happens then history of mankind will be never aware of a dazzling Engineer in Electrical domain (that means me 😀 ).