Can’t see Bangla?

This site is not written entirely in English. Some parts are written in Bangla. All the materials of the Bangla part is Unicode (utf-8) compatible. If your system is not configured properly for Unicode (utf-8) then right now you may be facing problem with reading Bangla. The solutions are depicted below.

First of all, please use Firefox instead of other browser(s). Not all browsers have the capability of handling Unicode Fonts (UTF-8) smoothly. Then, please follow the following steps:

  • if you are using Ubuntu or Fedora, then you should not have any problems regarding Unicode Bangla Fonts. So you do not need any kind of modification. Just make sure that you are using Firefox 3.0 or later.
  • if you are using Windows then CLICK HERE to setup your browser Unicode compatible.
  • if you are using Mac OSX, then you need to DOWNLOAD & INSTALL Bangla unicode fonts which support Apple Advance Typography (AAT).

Quick Tips to setup Bangla in your computer

  1. Download the Firefox browser (if you have not yet).
  2. Download your favorite Bangla font. The recommended font is Kalpurush.
  3. Intsall the downloaded font.
  4. Then go to the Preference menu and select the Content tab.
  5. Go to the Fonts & Colors section and press the Advanced button.
  6. Now choose the preferences as the image below and click Ok.