The question What is love is very much common which does not have any definite explanation. For the centuries both the scientists and writers wasted their time to discover it’s nature. But to be true they couldn’t find a satisfactory explanation. So what’s happening is that people are never stop to fall in love. As Einstein once said, Gravitation can’t be held responsible for people falling in love. And as Bangladeshi people are not alien or something like that, love attacks them like the other human. But it affected them more. Because here people are sophisticated in nature and they actually don’t fall in love, they are just drowned!


When I was not admitted in school I used to know that love is harmful and not appropriate for children (like me!). And children are not allowed to do that noxious activity. It was only limited within the movie/drama hero n’ heroine – that I was convinced 🙂 . With that believe I was admitted to school. I was amazed to find out that my classmates are much advanced than me. They don’t hesitate to discuss which of our senior were engaged with whom! When I was in class six, I discovered that most of my friends has managed their girlfriends. I was talking of the year of 1995 and at that time a standard class five student had his/her girlfriend/boyfriend is quite advanced. By the way I was in a school where children from all the upper class family were studied, may be it was a reason of their advancement. And I was still in the same position as I was before entering school! One of the reason I guess was I was not that much smart and intelligent to charm anyone (I’ve not changed a little bit! My close friends still claim that I don’t have any chance to be smart or intellect) 🙂 . I passed out my school and still didn’t discover the meaning of love!

Then I admitted in College. By that time pupils were much advanced. Almost every body managed their partner (they called Soul-mate!) and kept dating after dating. And I was still the same, love could not bother me! After two years, I went to university and find the ultimate advanced lovers (!!) there, who had more than one Soul-mate; to be precisely Phone-mate (as most of the love-story confined within the mobile phones)! Some people there even had more than five mobile SIMs to handle more girlfriends. Some were multiplexing their timing slots to maintain all the girlfriends! To my horror I discovered that their Phone-mates were as same as them having numerous boyfriends. When I told them about this fact, they assured me that they knew the fact and this was the culture! I did not dare to remind them a famous saying of Victor Hugo. Hugo said A woman with one lover is an angel, two lover is a monster and three lover is a woman. May be they had replaced the word woman with human. Alas… I was the same stupid, didn’t know the modern life!

Anti Valentine

Now a days, I am glad to see that most of my friends are getting married with their last girlfriend. Does love remain the same after marriage? No idea! There is a story about Aristotle and one of his students. One of his students once fell in serious love. He came to Aristotle for advice whether he would marry her or not. Aristotle said, “If you think you’re in true love, don’t wait, just marry her. If you’re happy after marriage it’ll be great.” Then he took some seconds and told him,”If you’re not happy, don’t be upset. I’ll become a philosopher!” Recently I have attended one of my colleague’s wedding ceremony who was very much confident not to marry in life! What made him falling in love, I don’t know. But I am pretty sure that love made him marry 🙂 . In love probably man’s heart is always either exceeding the speed barrier or getting parked continuously in wrong places. So if you want to fall in love or get marry, do it at your own risk. And never forget the NINE most important words by Jackson Brown. These nine words are: I love you, You are beautiful, Please forgive me.

I’ve almost forgetting the actual topics of this post. Now come to the point. For the last few years, a new wave of love has been introduced in our country. I call it Valentine Love. So what is a Valentine Love? In February 14, trailing the western culture, lovers of our country wish love to each others. Some even proposes love on that day. But do love confine within one single certain day? I don’t know (I already said I was not an aberration from a typical shabby-headed person) the definition of Valentine Day. But my doltish mind says, each people should have their own Day of Love. It may be the day when they fall in love, or may be the day of first sight or any of their special day. But not a common day. Like a wedding day it should be distinctive even from the Valentine’s day! If your heart does not satisfied, you still want to follow a great lover, here is the solution. Why don’t you go for our own legends. Like Emperor Shah Jahan, Farhad, Mojnu, even Devdas . There are many more even in our own literature and in our history. As our own punnet is full of stories why should we borrow others?

Whether it is valentine or not love should always be the same at any place at any situation at any time. But can’t be guarantied today’s love which is very much comprehensive within sms. This sms love starts with one sms and ends up with another and finds a new one with another sms and so on. Some times I wondered love is a fashion now. People wear it as long as they like it and dump it it when they need to change it. Is it Love? Is it how love should be treated? There is a cliché about love: To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful. Just remember; if you love somebody, love him/her with your life. Love is not a fashion, it eez life.


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