Campaign for Cox's Bazaar and ShundorBon.

Hope you all know that the list of “New 7 wonders of the world” has been declared. Many of us voted his/her choices in the website as we all have been listening about the Great 7 wonders of the world since our childhood. The “New 7 wonder foundation” has started another campaign, named “New 7 wonders of Nature”. Can’t we all try to nominate something from our own, this time?

May be we dont have something like Great Wall or Taazmohol…but this time, we have our own assets…”Cox’s Bazaar” and “Shundor Bon” and may be “Raangamaati”or “St. Martin’s Island”. Can’t we spend few minutes from our valuable time to nominate these greatest natural sites from our own Bangladesh? I’ve already nominated the following sites of Bangladesh for “The Seven Natural Wonders” with the spelling and category written below. Please maintain the same spelling for the rest of nomination.

SITE                     CATEGORY             COUNTRY
Cox’s Bazaar         Coastline                     Bangladesh
Shundor Bon         Forest                         Bangladesh

For nomination please visit the site of New 7 wonder foundation.

Please, convey this message to others so that more and more nomination from Bangladesh can be posted. Please use the campaign poster in your blog or website. So that more people can participate.

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