Thank you… Anonymous Donor

A philanthropist will donate $130 million for rebuilding the battered life of Sidr victims in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. The Daily Star

Angel Baby

Yeap… some anonymous benevolent person donated 130M USD for the SIDR victims of Bangladesh. This amount is almost equal to 910 Crore Bangladeshi Taka. Obviously a huge amount of money for the SIDR victims. Authorities mentioned that this fund will be used mostly for rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools and shelters while the rest for agriculture and fisheries in the SIDR affected areas. It is also mentioned in the news that IDB (Islamic Development Bank) will support rehabilitation and reconstruction projects after final assessment of the damages done by the devastating cyclone.

Now it’s a great responsibility for our government to use this money in a proper way. Government must take necessary steps so that immediate action is taken to manipulate this money. And my cordial thanks to that anonymous, benevolent, amiable person who give this much amount for the development of Bangladesh. Who ever you are, you are an angel to us! You’ve just give us a light to see the steps towards our dream for a better Bangladesh.

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