Voter List is in Web

For the first time Bangladesh Election Commission has published a web site containing the complete list of all voters of the country. Any one can access the site through internet. To access the information one has to provide the 17 digits PIN (printed in the back of the slip which was given after taking photograph), birth information (format has been given) and a verification code (printed on below). Take a look on the screen shot I’ve given below.

Main disappointment is there is no link of this site in the Bangladesh Election Commission’s website. As BEC is manipulating this process it is common sense that there should be a link to the Voter List site. Another drawback is that if any information is incorrect then there is no option to make it correct, except a text field which is used for Comments purpose. Probably they put the box to get message from the user for any inconvenience or mistakes. In my case, I saw some severe mistakes and I used the Comment Box to send them feedback about the mistakes. But it has been more than 10 days that I saw the informations were unmodified. I still don’t know how to resolve this.

The bright side is, the whole site is build in Bangla Language. So people will feel comfort to use the site. They also provide the Bangla font that will be required to view the page. Overall Bangladesh is advanced to the recent technical world another step. Hope the site developers will take necessary steps to make the site more matured by giving the users option to make correction in their information. Whatever this is, it is indeed a great job!

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  1. You have expressed disappointment on the matter that is there is no link of voter list site in the Bangladesh Election Commission’s website. But it gives me more disappointment that you also did not mention the "Address of the Website".

  2. Dear Mr. Kamal,

    Thanks for your comments. I think you’ve missed the link that I’ve provided. I’ve given the address of the site as a hyperlink. See the second line of the post where the word SITE is in blue color. Just click it and you’ll be redirected to the website.

  3. We are very pleased to surf this website. But it is the matter of sorrow that I can't found any weblink address where i can find my voter list detail. So if u as soon as possible publish this website then we are easyly find out our national existance… thanks.

    Allah Hafez

  4. Eliminate PIN Number Requirement for that information in most cases has not been preserved assuming the Id No. as the ultimate access No.

    I am unable to access. Inaccessibility make the site meaningless. Make it easily and more accessible, please.

  5. We are very pleased to use this website.we can’t found any weblink address. So please as soon as possible publish this website. T H A N K S

  6. sir,
    i am a voter of moulovibaza. but i am not local of there. my office was bound me to done it. now i need my national id card for my additional works. i have my pin recet.
    now how can get my card from dhaka. because i was came back dhaka two years ago.
    please tel me how can id do it and oblize thereby.
    thanks to you sir.

  7. Dear Sir,

    Good afternoon. How can I check peoples details without voter ID number, if I lost ID card how can I check without ID no by the internet, I have need suggestion, thanks

  8. I’ve lost my ID card then how do I get one more I mean true copy ? as now-a-days with out ID, it’s almost impossible to make any deal or contact in respect of trading . Please make a way to solve this problem as soon as possible .

  9. I loss my national id card. my id no. 3212421296924. I do not know process how to search internet my id card, me.

  10. Dear Sir,

    Please help us in finding out the following information for us who exercised their voting rights from Gulshan in last National Election, as I could not trace out PIN of 17 digits given while taking our photographs.

    Sl. No. Name National ID No.
    01. Fatima Rezia Ahmed 2692619466568
    02. Muhammad Eunus Ali 2692619466558
    03. Muhammad Faizur Rahman 2692619466559

    We require these information for filling-in the Form-14 (meant for transfer of name from one constituency to another.


    Muhammad Eunus Ali,
    Mob: 01821100426, Email:,
    Tel; 7920119, House-45, Road-7, Sector-12, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

  11. Plz plz plz help help help .I have lost my national ID card but i need the National ID number what can i do…some plz help me quickly

  12. Mr. Adnan do you know that to know my voter number,does the link still work..??I don’t find it workable..??I have nid card.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Actually I am not affiliated with the Voter List or NID project. And this post is almost 9 years old, lots of things changes within this time. You may take a look here.

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