Now I am in Linux!


At last I’ve shifted to Linux! I’ve removed the Windows XP completely from my laptop and installed Ubuntu there. From now officially I am a Linux user. 🙂

My laptop is running like hell, I’ve not seen such speed for last several months. At first I was little bit worried whether I would able to connect to internet. But to my surprise, Ubuntu detected my LAN card and wireless port automatically! More over it automatically installed all the drivers of my Dell Inspiron!

At the first sight I fell in love with it. And now I am totally into it! I’ve no intention to move into Windows again (as I’ve gotten rid of my gaming addiction).

Long live Open Source!

14 thoughts on “Now I am in Linux!”

  1. Sir,

    I m one of ur student, from AUST. u took our CSE 223 and linear. i dont know wheather you remember me or not, but u r one of my fav. teacher and most fav. blog writer. i wait eagerly to read the new posts from you…

    as u hv installed UBUNTU, sir, what will happen to ur bangla blog? i m a… what ever OS you use, but plz sir, dont stop ur bangla blog plz… its a humble request…. i am worried as still i dont knw wheather there is any verson of AVRO is available for LINUX…

    Take care Sir…
    Wishing you all the best…

    1. Thanx Taneem, for your comment.

      Don't worry about my Bangla blog, inshallah I wouldn't let it be stopped!Well… there is no AVRO for Linux, but there is a firefox extension named Shabdik which supports the key layout (not completely) of AVRO and also there is an online browser based (also works in offline) application which supports for writing in Bangla with AVRO layout (it is not complete either). But I know some people who are working very hard for developing AVRO for linux. Hopefully they will give some good news soon.

      1. linux has its own Bangla keyboard….Which is unicode based but not phonetic….. It's called probhat….It comes with the Ubuntu and also most of the linux distro….

        AND m@q "nice Blog!"

  2. excellent! but I don't think wiping out windows was a good idea; even though I use Linux most of the time, sometimes I have to switch to Windows) You can think about having a dual boot OS 😀

  3. hi sir ! this is shorif….hearing u after a long while……..
    i used Ubuntu…& so much satisfied but is it possible to run all engineering applications or common windows music softwares with Wine???

    1. Why wine for engineering softs? There are alternatives of them; such as for Matlab try Octave or Scilab. For PSPICE try NGSPICE or LTSPICE or Qucks. And there are so many of them…

    1. Not actually. I have been trying Ubuntu for 2 years before this post. Actually I was introduced with Ubuntu at the end of 2006, but at that time I did not know that Linux is a community based OS. I did not know where to find help. I even could not play my audio-video files and I did not know what went wrong! 😉 At that time, there were not so many ubuntu users in Bangladesh. So imagine the picture! But that picture has changed now, now-a-days people know where to get help…

      I wrote this post when I removed windows from my laptop and started using Ubuntu full time, no dual booting business! 😛

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