Block Annoying Facebook Quizzes


At last I’ve gotten rid of Facebook quizzes from my Facebook home page!

I liked the Facebook and I still am. But it is getting ridiculous day by day with the increaments of quizzes. Yes I am talking about the Facebook quizzes. At first those were fun but now a days I am sick of them. Instead of  seeing what my friends are doing, I’ve to see what types of quizzes are they taken. My home page is flooded with quizzes. It was getting out of control until I got the right solution today, thanks to Maroof for pointing out the solution.

If you’re also sick of Facebook quizzes and other silly applications then this solution is for you. This solution only works with Firefox. Following is the step-by-step procedure of the solution:

  • In case you don’t have Firefox, download Firefox from HERE.
  • Then add the Greasemonkey add-ons from HERE.
  • Now close the Firefox and restart.
  • Now click HERE to install Facebook Purity.
  • You’re done! Now enjoy the clean Facebook.

Scripts are also available for Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Thanks to Maroof for pointing it out to me.

Thanks to Steeev for writing such an useful script.

7 thoughts on “Block Annoying Facebook Quizzes”

  1. If this really works, I worship you!! I love my friends and I want to hear from them, just not through quizzes. Awesome!!!!

  2. Here's a hint: On the right side of the computer, there is a down arrow. I scroll past the quizzes and I don't let it bother me. See if you can get an updated computer that has down arrows and cursors. Your life must be so hard!

  3. Thank you so VERY much for posting instructions for taking back my feed!! It works perfectly, and I have a stream of friends following the lead. I was glad to find that it works equally well in Vista, XP, and Ubuntu. 🙂

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