Bangla Unicode Fonts in Google Chrome

First of all check that whether you can read Bangla Fonts with your Google Chrome. Just try to read the following boxed sentenced.

সুখ নাইরে পাগল… কী আছে দুনিয়ায়!

If you can’t read then you surely need to carry out the following instruction guide. By the way this guide is for “Windows XP Service Pack 2”. So make sure you are using that. I’ve not tried whether it works in SP1 or Vista. But as the release dates of Windows XP and Windows 2003 is almost same, it should work in Windows 2003 server. And for Vista it should work automatically.

  • Step 01:

Download the latest version of Chrome.

  • Step 02:

Download Unicode Bangla Fonts from the web and install them on your operating system. Here I am using the Solaiman Lipi font.

  • Step 03:

Download the file for complex scripts and install it. After installing the file, go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Language, and check the Install files for complex scripts and right-to-left languages option. Click Ok.

  • Step 04:

Go to the menu bar of your browser for Customize and Control Google Chrome -> Options .


  • Step 05:

Go to Minor Tweaks tab. Then click Change font and language setting.


  • Step 06:

Go to Fonts and Encoding tab. Select SolaimanLipi font as all the fonts and select Unicode (UTF-8) as Default Encoding.


  • Step 07:

Then go to Languages tab. Click Add button and select Bengali as language. Then click OK.


Now your Chrome is fully compatible for the Bangla Unicode Fonts. Visit this page again and see the test sentence written in Bangla at the beginning of this article, whether you can read it completely. Hope you will successfully read that sentence.

  • Mahmud


  • Virginia

    STILL WONT WORK.. Does it matter that my copy of XP isn't from a store?

    • m@q

      That may be possible because Google Chrome has some incompatibility issues with Bangla language. Hope Google will solve those problems!

  • Mohammad Sajjad Hoss

    Thanks for the help.

    In latest chrome the location for changing font and language is changed. This option is located at Options >> Under The Hood (Tab) >> Web Content >> Change fonts and language settings.

    • m@q

      Thanks for the update! :)

  • Saint Atique

    Interesting. I wrote the same thing ( for my friends in my blog. Now searching on a complex localization problem I came to this page. Though this page is not related on that I read the post and thought why not give a knock. Have nice blogging. I really enjoyed.

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    কষ্ট পাইলাম ভাই
    আপনি আমারে ভুইলা গেছেন!
    লেখালেখি ছাইড়া দিছেন?

  • Imran Hossain

    What if you want to use SolaimanLipi only for Bangla characters? In Firefox you can do that, I don't seem to see any option for that in Chrome. SolaimanLipi is not as nice when it comes to English characters.

  • shalaheen

    ধন্যবাদ। আমিও সমস্যায় ছিলাম। এখন দেখা যাচ্ছে বাংলা লিখতেও পাড়ছি। তবে দাড়িটা স্কয়ার বক্স হচ্ছে।

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    Dur – Dan – To !!

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    অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ। এতদিন বাংলা ভাঙ্গা ভাঙ্গা আসতো, অনেক চেষ্টা করেছি কিন্তু সঠিক উপায়টা বুঝতে পারিনি। এখন সব ঠিক আছে।

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    im using windows seven

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    Thanks. It helped a lot.

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    u r awesome man, i started following ur method, then suddenly it took me to avro keyboard ! i installed it and lyk a magic IT WORKED !!!!!!!!! now i can read Bangla All through ! thanks man

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    thanx…… very simple and workful!!! :)

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