Annoying SMSs from Mobile Operators

Let’s start with a story of an alien. The alien was very much excited about his new findings on a trip to Earth. “The people on Earth no longer talk to each other using their mouths,” it reports; “They now communicate with their fingers by typing into a tiny toy.” Like the other countries, SMS (Short Message Service) became more popular than the voice call in Bangladesh when the mobile operators first lunched the SMS concept.

Sometimes SMS from a friend will make you laugh or SMS from family can give you a warm comfort. SMS can lighten your moments or can give you a sudden relief. SMS from a dear one is always welcome. But what about SMS from the mobile operators themselves? Several months ago, mobile operators used the SMS service for promoting their new services. Number of SMSs sent by the operators at that time were about 5-or-6 sms/month. This number has been tremendously increased within last few months. In our home, we are using mobile services from two operators: GrameenPhone and AKTEL. In my GrameenPhone contact number, I receive almost 4 sms/day whereas AKTEL sends about 2-3 sms/day on an average. So if I receive say 7 sms/day, about 50% of that is sent by the operators themselves!

These things (to receiving operator’s SMSs) were boring before, now it becomes disturbing. And the operators are not bother this disturbances. Every time my cell gives me a SMS alert and after opening the SMS, I find that it is another promotion or advertisement of one of their new services. Now it seems torture to me. You like it or not, you have to read their SMS, at least you’ve to open it! Can’t they stop this type of rubbish activity? If they want to advertise their services they can use the media. I am pretty sure about their solvency of doing that. Why are they tormenting us? By the way I am not sure, whether only I am suffering from this disturbance or everybody like me is also suffering?

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