United in Grief for the fallen in BDR mutiny, United in seeking justice


Bangladesh Rifles revolt 2009

5 thoughts on “United in Grief for the fallen in BDR mutiny, United in seeking justice”

  1. Its a shame… its a shame. Its obvious that the BDR atrocity was not merely over their demand for better pay or ration but something that is not yet obvious.

    I condemn the fierce killings of member of arm forces and their family that took place that day. Such brutal act cannot go unpunished.

    The army has shown great patience and maturity in holding back their emotions and the way they dealt the situation.

    Its undoubtedly remarkable the way the honorable PM Shekh Hasina handled the situation.

    The country and all the political parties should now work together to identify the culprits and bring them to justice.

    My heart goes out to all the souls that were lost and the family of the effected who have a difficult time ahead of them.

  2. Yes of course, we are united in grief. but the big question is, can we really hope for justice from the kind of government that we have? I honestly think that what has happened has roots far beyond the reach of the general people. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but if you just look at the course the events took, you'll have no doubt that all this has not happened just for some demands of the BDR.

  3. I hope we get a better government soon insh'Allah. We need younger leaders who are better fit to rule than the currrent MPs who are old and all they do is talk.

  4. The excuse of better pay or rations hardly corrensponds to the ghastly killings. Unfortunately fellow Bengalees (and/or their counterparts) surpassed what the Pakistani Army jawans were capable of – congratulations to these fellow Bengalees. It fills us with shame and sorrow.

    As for reparations and justice, the political climate is unable or unwilling to go any deeper than necessary. This undoubtedly leaves scars hard to mend but with dire consequences. All indications point to participation by higher ups within this government or others. What system destroys its own sons and daughters in the name of vengence or political gains – and that too its own forces meant to protect itself.

    Such a system cannot sustain and will be eradicated in time. Perhaps that will be justice well served. One need look no farther than 30 years.

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