37th Victory Day


It is the year 2008. And we gonna celebrate the 37Th anniversary of our victory of the liberation war of 1971.

What changes took places during these years after the freedom? Actually nothing. Our beloved (!?!) political leaders are making our country cripple. No one bother about the patriotism. Patriotism is a word that is found only in books. The Razakars (opposers of the liberation war and the culprits of genocide) were roaming the country fearlessly and without any hesitation. They don’t feel any apology for their misdeeds in 1971. Once who tried to destroy us, now we want to elect them as our leader – is that why our freedom fighters fought? Was that their dream?

37 years have been passed and we are waiting for a true leader who will guide us to the way for which our martyrs sacrificed themselves.

Waiting to see a Razakar free prosperous Bangladesh. This is the only that came to my heart in this victory day.

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