In Pathé… for Max Payne


I first heard of Max Payne back in 2001 and I played that game after just one year. I never forget the moments that I enjoyed during the game play. What a game! It changed the definition of 3D shooting game. Astonishing graphics and tactic of game play along with Bullet Time Combo made that game fascinating to me. For the first time I saw Bullet Time in any game and which made that game more lucrative to me indeed! From that time till now Max Payne is one of my most favourite games.

I saw Mark Wahlberg first in the movie The Italian Job. He played as a thief named , who believes in robbery with no bloodshed. I’ve seen many heist films but not like The Italian Job. And Mark was the nucleus of that movie. Cool headed, intelligent, funny and good looking – no one is perfect as Charlie Croker but Mark. later I saw him in Invincible. Another good movie from Mark. And for these two movies I always like him.

Now just combine the two Max Payne and Mark Wahlberg, the result should be outstanding outcomes. That was my expectation for the newly released movie Max Payne. For the last couple of weeks I was too busy with my exams. So when I got a break in this weekend, I looked no further, with my cousin Erik, I went to Pathé to watch this movie. And I was disappointed!

I expected to watch a lot of special effects full of bullet time combo with blasting action sequences. To my disappointed the director used the bullet time combo only for twice. And it became more a detective movie rather than an action movie. The most disheartening fact is that, the movie suddenly came to an end. May be there is a plan for the sequel but that doesn’t mean to end the story all in a sudden. This could be a blockbuster movie of this year but well… it will not. The movie has been detoured from the original game, but that is not the point, the point is the movie can’t keep the hype of the game.

If you are a serious fan of Max Payne then the movie is definitely not for you!

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